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Football (or in my case, hockey) season is upon us, so I figured what better way to end my fall 2019 Back to School Series than with a post featuring stylish school spirit? To be completely honest, I’ve never been one to rock my school colors with pride. On Friday spirit days my cross country coach would actually get mad at me for not wearing a team jersey! BUT since entering college, I do love my school and enjoy supporting it by wearing their gear. (It also helps that the colors—crimson and gold—are actually cute.) So without further ado, here are FIVE ideas to help you get game-day ready for all your upcoming events! Being spirited doesn’t have to mean sacrificing style.

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  • DIY a T-Shirt. I think we all can agree that baggy school t-shirts aren’t always the cutest… Thankfully, Pinterest is full of ideas for how to restyle them, including adding fringe at the bottom, turning them into a crop top, tying the sides for a more form-fitting look, or ditching the sleeves for a tank top instead. Pull out your scissors and get crafty—this would make a super fun Friday afternoon activity to do with all your friends before the big game!

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  • Pair It with a Denim Skirt. Once you have your handcrafted tee at the ready, pair it with a denim mini skirt—either blue denim or white depending on your school colors. A denim skirt is the perfect cutesy way to dress up a tee instead of just pairing it with your same old running shorts!

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  • Treat Yourself to a New Dress/Top. Ok, so maybe you’re still not into the whole t-shirt look. I get it. Why not go shopping with your friends and make a day of it to find something cute to wear in your school colors? School is hard, and shopping can be a much-needed study break. But if your school colors are absolutely horrendous and you would never spend money on clothes that shade, then you can….

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  • Doll Up Your Hair. Sometimes it’s just too hard to incorporate school colors in your clothing (either they’re really ugly or they just don’t look good on you). That’s when hair accessories come in handy. Curling your hair is always a fun way to add a little glam to your spirit wear, like I did here. But another fun option is to add ribbon in your school colors, a low-cost, low-commitment way to add some spirit. Either lace a ribbon into your French braids, tie the ends in bows, or wrap a piece around your curly ponytail. Break out the pom poms and you’re good to go!

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  • Decorate Your Face. Of course, it wouldn’t be school spirit without some kind of face paint. You could add dots in a figure 8 shape below one eye and above the other. Or you can add classic black stripes beneath each eye. Or you can add zig zags, whiskers, or anything else you can think of! The possibilities are endless. I highly recommend the Paradise face paint from Amazon (featured a few pics above). While it is on the expensive side, it doesn’t dry out, it’s super easy to apply, and it’s even easier to remove. (Except for the yellow color, that is. When that doesn’t come off, you just look jaundiced. But it’s fine, whatever.)

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How do you like to showcase your school spirit? Will you be attending lots of games this season? My university doesn’t have a football team, but honestly I’m not complaining. I think watching hockey games are much more fun! I would share with you some of our team cheers, but, um, they’re not exactly appropriate…and I like to keep this blog (mostly) G-rated. So yah. You’re welcome for that teaser.

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Quilted Black Vest: JCPenney, $15 // Maroon Dress: Francesca’s, $6 // Black Leopard Booties: Crown Vintage via DSW, $35

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