Like a Baby in a Bodysuit


blue and white bodysuit, skinny jeans

Okay guys, it’s no secret that bodysuits have been making a huge comeback the last few years… Like a lot of people, I was super skeptical at first. I mean, weird unnecessary crotch fabric? Snaps down there? What is this, I’m basically a grown-up baby in a onesie! But slowly, as more and more people started integrating them into their wardrobes, I began to understand the appeal of bodysuits. And that is how we have arrived at this very moment: me, typing a blog post about these bizarre, baby-like pieces of clothing, for all of you to read. Enjoy!

blue and white bodysuit, tuxedo striped jeans, striped heelsjungle printed bodysuit, skinny jeans, Bohme Boutique, striped heels

First let’s talk about the cons, shall we? Gotta get the bad stuff out of the way. Even if your bodysuit has little snaps in the crotch area, it can still be awkward when using the bathroom. This blue and white one (jungle printed with elephants, I might add) does not have snaps so I have to pull it down like a swimsuit when using the restroom. Snaps, while in theory fixing this problem, can be just as annoying because a) you can feel them down there, especially when wearing tight pants and b) they can be really hard to snap back together. But regardless, more and more women are willing to put up with these flaws in order to take advantage of the benefits of bodysuits…

pros and cons of bodysuits, summer outfitanchor necklace, blue and white bodysuit, summer outfitblue and white outfit, bodysuit, tuxedo stripe jeans

You don’t. Have to tuck in. Your shirt!!

This is the major appeal of bodysuits. Rather than futzing around with a tank top—trying to tuck it into your skinny jeans and then flatten out the wrinkles—bodysuits are just one and done. Pull up your pants and voila, a perfectly smooth, permanently-tucked shirt to pair with your skinny jeans, shorts, or skirts alllll summer long. How can you not want that?!

summer wardrobe, H&M bodysuit, Bohme Boutique jeanssassy blue and white outfit, bodysuitssummer outfit, festival outfit, white scrunchie

While still a little skeptical, I finally decided to take the plunge with bodysuits when I found this $10 blue and white one from H&M. Not only do I love the color palette and print for summer, but I loved the price even more! I always try to find inexpensive versions of pieces I’m unsure of so that I don’t waste a lot of money if I end up not wearing the item a lot. But the verdict is out: this bodysuit is a keeper.

blue and white bodysuit, summer outfit, stripes, jungle printblue and white bodysuit, yellow background, blue and yellowskinny jeans, bodysuit, yellow wall, downtown Denver

The tricky thing about this particular bodysuit is the bra situation. I didn’t want my bra to show, and since the neckline is a V I couldn’t wear my strapless bra. So I went braless (gasp!). It definitely wasn’t my favorite and I would not do it again…I was uncomfortable and concerned about flashing everyone the whole night because the suit is so low (everyone else probably just thought I was checking myself out—what little there is, at least). So my goal now is to find the perfect white lacey bralette to go with this bodysuit. Wouldn’t that be adorable? That way I can be comfy, supported, and stylin’.

summer outfit, blue and white bodysuit, H&M, Bohme Boutiquesummer outfit, blue and white, bodysuitsblue and white outfit, summer style, striped DSW heels

So what do you think?? Bodysuits, yay or nay? I’d love to hear your thoughts and whether you’ve hopped on board this trend yet. If not, why haven’t you? Don’t want to feel like a grown-up baby? ‘Cause I totally understand that sentiment.

Well anyway, have a great Thursday and weekend!


Miles of smiles,



Blue and White Bodysuit: H&M, $10 // Tuxedo Stripe Jeans: Bohme Boutique, $40 // Blue Striped Heels: CL by Laundry via DSW, $40

4 comments on “Like a Baby in a Bodysuit”

  1. My stepmom is a huge fan of body suits just because they stay tucked in. It’s totally a nice feature. As for bralettes…I’ve become a huge fan lately, and that’s how I deal with bra straps showing!!

    1. That is definitely an upside to bodysuits!! And yes, I’m realizing more and more how badly I need to get on the bralette bandwagon, especially after looking over these photos with fresh eyes, ha!

  2. Such a fun bodysuit, and it looks so summery and nice with your jeans! 🙂

    I can’t do bodysuits or jumpsuits or playsuits or anything that makes the bathroom tricky – I have two toddlers who have on various occasions accidentally opened the doors in public bathrooms, ha! I need to be in and out and to reduce the risk of an embarrassment!

    Hope that you had a great weekend 🙂 I just posted my weekday wear linkup, I’d love you to join! 🙂

    1. Oh my gosh Mica, you’re too funny!! That’s a great reason to avoid bodysuits, haha! Sorry I missed your weekly link-up, I’ll definitely try to join this upcoming week! Have a great Tuesday. 🙂

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