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4th of July outfit inspiration

Can you believe the Fourth of July is already next week?! I feel like I start every Fourth of July blog post with those words…but what can I say, the holiday just always sneaks up on me! I was planning blog posts a few days ago and realized, “Holy crap, I need to break out some red, white, and blue!” I guess that’s what happens when you don’t finish school until the middle of June…it throws your whole schedule off.

4th of July outfit, patriotic, 1970 Volkswagen Fastbackpatriotic outfit, cool car, red white blue, independence day

While I love celebrating Independence Day, I always find dressing for the holiday rather difficult. Pairing bright red, navy blue, and white? And in fabrics/clothing pieces that will keep you cool during the hot summer day and that are still comfortable for picnics and lounging in the grass and watching the fireworks burst overhead? [Takes deep breath.] Whew, that’s a lot to ask for…Maybe it’s just me, but I think Fourth of July outfits usually look kind of forced. Sometimes even…gasp…tacky.

red blouse, jean shorts, bandanna, white shoes1970 Volkswagen Fastback

That is, until I came up with this little ensemble! I’ve never had a pair of jean shorts that I’ve loved, and while this new pair is *quite* short and out of my comfort zone, I do love the way the wash pairs with the bold red. Now there’s an example of red and blue that isn’t forced! (In my opinion, at least). I highly recommend pairing denim with red or white to create an effortless, patriotic outfit. The light blue bandanna and sassy red lip are the cutest additions to transform a festive look into a retro-glam ensemble. Dare I say, it’s reminiscent of Rosie the Riveter! Either that or a milkmaid, one of the two…

patriotic outfit, red white and blue, 4th of July outfitpatriotic sunglasses, blue bandanna, old car, red lipstick

Besides these fun, not-too-cheesy USA-themed sunglasses, the ultimate accessory of this outfit is the cool old car! This eggshell beauty is a 1970 Volkswagen Fastback. Ah, the irony of celebrating Independence Day with a German-made vehicle. Gotta love it! Regardless, I absolutely adore how these fun retro photos turned out. I can’t wait to experiment with more photoshoots involving cars, and the bold red lipstick I’m wearing has me feeling all kinds of sassy and powerful! Fourth of July, here we come.

retro outfit, 4th of July inspiration4th of July outfit, patriotic, USA, cool old car

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red shirt, jean shorts, old car, patriotic1970 Volkswagen Fastback, patriotic outfit, USAretro outfit, blue bandanna, red lipstick, old car

Do you already have your Fourth of July outfit picked out? As fun as it is to wear a cute skirt or sundress, I always try to wear shorts so I can lay down in the grass to watch the fireworks and not have to worry about flashing someone. Let me know your plans for the day and what outfit you’ll be wearing in the comments below! Can’t wait to here from y’all.


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Red Blouse: JCPenney, $18 // Jean Shorts: H&M, $25 // White Bow Shoes: Payless, $20 // Blue Bandanna: Francesca’s, $4

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