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white lace dress, denim jacket, blush clutch

Sometimes you just need an extra confidence boost, ya know? Whether that be a Monday where you’re really struggling to get out of bed (me, this morning), a day where you have to give a presentation, picture day, or even your birthday, it’s nice to have a set list of items that you know will boost your mood and self-esteem, no matter the occasion. Not to be cheesy or anything, but you deserve to feel beautiful! And knowing just how to make that happen is a critical skill I believe everyone should master. Today, I encourage you to consider what makes you feel most gorgeous and compile a Confidence Checklist—here’s mine!

curly hair, curled hair, denim jacket, Puget Sound

  • A Killer Mascara. I don’t wear makeup every day; instead, I save it only for special occasions and those times when I want a little extra confidence. But boyyy let me tell you, having mile-long, curled, black lashes makes me feel absolutely fabulous! I use the Clinique Chubby Lash Fattening Mascara after applying an eyelash curler. Voila, instant confidence! To see other great mascara contenders, check out my mascara review post.

white lace dress, white heels, blush bow clutchdenim jacket, white lace dress, Puget Sound, TacomaTacoma, white lace dress, blue denim jacket

  • A Form-Fitting Dress. I’ve mentioned this before on the blog, but I love a good tight-fitting outfit every now and again to feel a little extra saucy. I wore this white lace bodycon dress to my brother’s graduation and received so many compliments! I bought it on major discount at a local boutique over the winter. The sale was like something from a movie: elbows were flying and girls were arguing over items! Lucky for me, I snagged this dress before anyone could claw me down.

white lace dress, denim jacket, blush pursedenim jacket, curled hair, brooches, sparkly pins

  • Curled Hair. I admit, I don’t put a lot of time into my hair in the morning…When it was longer, I liked experimenting with braids and unique buns, but now I leave it down and embrace the weird kinks that form during sleep. I’ve just never been a curling/straightening kind of gal! However, when I really want to go that extra mile to feel gorgeous, I invest those additional 30 minutes in the morning to curl my hair. I was a little salty that the (salty) moist air made my hair frizz like crazy in these photos!

jean jacket, white lace bodycon dressdenim jacket, white lace dress, white heelswhite lace dress, jean jacket, Puget Sound

  • Sassy Heels. High-heels can be tricky because if they’re terribly uncomfortable, you’re not going to feel confident at all. These white bad boys, on the other hand, are SO comfy! I’ve seriously never had such a comfortable pair of heels, and they’re still available in a few neutral colors. There’s no denying that having the extra height of a pair of heels can make you feel important and powerful. Not to mention, they do wonders for your calves!

jean jacket, white lace dress, blush bow purse, white heelsdenim jacket, white lace dress, brooches

  • A Great Smelling Perfume. You know when a girl walks past and smells absolutely amazing and you can’t help but wish you were her in that moment? And then you get all self-conscious about what you smell like? Don’t let that happen ladies; invest in a perfume that makes YOU the great-smelling lady that turns heads. Everybody has vastly different tastes in scent, but a spritz of the perfume Alien makes me feel so confident and attractive! I discuss another favorite scent (and a more affordable option) in this blog post.

form fitting dress, white heelsTacoma, Puget Sound, white lace dress, blush bow purse

  • Songs to Pump You Up. I don’t usually listen to music when I’m getting ready in the morning, but sometimes I’ll blast it to put myself in a great mood. What can I say—I’m a firm believer in early morning, solitary dance parties! One of my favorite confidence-boosting songs to jam to is Shawn Mendes’ “Life of The Party.” That’s right girl, be the life of the party in every room you enter today!

Puget Sound, fancy outfit, graduation outfitgraduation outfit, Puget Sound, spring fashion, dressing up

  • Mirror Talks. I’ve mentioned this in other confidence-related posts and I’ll mention it again—giving yourself a little pep talk in the mirror, no matter how crazy it sounds, can really boost your self-esteem! Just tell yourself, out-loud, three things that you love about yourself before you leave for the day. I guarantee it will bring a smile to your face. Now whether that smile is because you’re laughing at yourself at how ridiculous you sound or because the compliment actually made you feel good inside, you can be the judge of that…

Puget Sound, graduation outfit, fancy dress, blush clutch

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So what’s on your Confidence Checklist? Let me know in the comments! I can’t wait to hear what makes you feel most beautiful, and have a wonderful Monday, gorgeous!


Miles of smiles,



Jean Jacket: JCPenney, $19 // White Lace Dress: Gracie’s Boutique, $24 // White Heels: DSW, $50, buy here // Blush Bow Clutch: Stitch Fix, $50

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