The Most Annoying Parts of Fashion


striped flamingo tee, white jeans, denim jacket

Even though I absolutely love fashion (brainstorming outfits, getting dressed every morning, browsing social media and the internet for inspiration, etc.), it’s like anything else—there are certain parts I don’t like so much. As we all know, the #keepingitreal movement on Instagram is resulting in a lot of bloggers and influencers sharing more of their real lives, rather than just the highlight reals and best parts. Well, why should fashion be any different?! Today, I’m leaving all the fun parts in the shadows and shedding some light on the nuisances that go hand-in-hand with being stylish. Let’s have a little rant sesh, shall we?

striped pink flamingo t-shirt, white jeans

  • When you try to put skinny jeans on after a shower and it’s a real struggle because everything just sticks (putting on these white pants inspired this blog post)
  • Actually, when you just try to put skinny jeans on in general. You gotta do that little squat dance; y’all know what I’m talking about
  • When you’re wearing a tank top and your bra strap keeps falling down your arm, totally ruining the aesthetics of your outfit
  • When you want to tuck your shirt into pants but it’s slightly too short, so it keeps coming untucked and makes you look like you ate one too many cupcakes the night before

white jeans, denim jacket, JCPenney, JCrewstriped shirt, flamingos, white jeans, sparkly espadrilles

  • When it’s “that time of the month” and basically half your closet becomes off-limits because you’re afraid of wearing light bottoms
  • When you’re wearing a low-cut shirt but are slightly concerned of flashing someone, so you keep looking down to make sure you’re not nip-slipping and everyone else thinks you’re just checking yourself out
  • When you’re wearing tight pants (or just pants at all) and your underwear lines are showing. Damn those VPLs (visible panty lines)

side bun, striped tee, flamingo print, white jeanspink lipstick, white jeans, denim jacket

  • When your skinny jeans fit in the leg area but are too big around the crotch, causing an awkward bunching that makes everyone uncomfortable
  • When you put on long socks after you put your jeans on and then you can’t get the socks pulled flat against your skin because the jeans are in the way
  • When you go to the bathroom with sunglasses tucked into your blouse and then you forget about them and bend over and they fall in the toilet (I know I cannot be the only one who has done this)
  • When your favorite dress or skirt is riddled with static cling and forms to your figure (but not in the good way)

pink flowers, spring outfit, travel outfitwhite jeans, striped flamingo tee, spring outfit

  • When you’re trying clothes on in a store and fall in love with an item that’s the last one in your size, only to find that the person who tried it on before you got her foundation all over it
  • When you want to wear cute jewelry but are also wearing a sweater and the two keep snagging on each other
  • When you get deodorant on your clothes and try and try and try to get it out but then ultimately have to change shirts for the day
  • When you can’t find shorts that fit because you have to go up a size to accommodate the booty but then the waist is way too big
  • When your shoes give you blisters—enough said, fashion is pain sometimes

spring look, white jeans, pink accents, jean jacket

These are only a few of the things we fashionistas have to deal with on a regular basis, and I’m sure there are tons more of minor inconveniences that irk our stylish little selves. What things drive you nuts when getting dressed? I’m so curious! Hopefully you read at least one of these items and just thought, “Ugh, relatable,” and then giggled to yourself. That’s basically how I felt while writing this whole post.

Now have a fantastic weekend! Try not to get too upset with your clothes before going out tonight.


Miles of smiles,



Striped Flamingo Tee: JCrew, $25 // Jean Jacket: JCPenney, $19 // White Jeans with Buttons: JCPenney, $25 // Sparkly Espadrilles: White Mountain via DSW, $40

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  1. Okay. This post was slightly too relatable! It made me giggle and also get annoyed because ALL of those things have happened to me. 😂

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