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This spring, all I’ve wanted to wear is…PINK! Time and time again I find myself reaching for the nearest pink item in my closet—it’s just the perfect shade to transition into warmer months! Unfortunately, I hardly own any pink items…When you look at my closet it’s a sea of blacks, greys, and blues. Can any of you relate? So as you can imagine, I’ve been rewearing the same pink pieces over and over again lately (like this sweater, which makes up half of this post). Today I wanted to round up a few of my favorite pink looks and showcase how to style this girly color in multiple ways! (And all of the original blog posts are linked below each photo). Enjoy, my fellow pink-lovers.

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The Story of a Rainy Day—Told Through Haikus

Y’all probably remember me posting this outfit a few weeks ago, along with a series of funny haikus. Even though this sweater is a light, subtle pink, it pairs perfectly with bold accessories for a fun yet simple spring outfit.

ways to style pink, jean jacket, floral skirt, rose patterncrochet top, spring outfit, JCPenney, rose floral skirt, how to wear pink

How to Transition Fall Colors to Spring

This outfit is super old but the blog post is still very relevant—how to transition fall color to the springtime! This muted pink floral skirt is one that I would usually wear in the fall, but pairing it with summery fabrics like crochet and denim make the dusty rose colors more appropriate for this season.

hot pink blazer, stripes tee, skinny jeanspink blazer, striped flamingo tee, jeans

24 Hours in a Day and Only One to Be Upset

This is another recent outfit, featuring the cutest flamingo tee and most stylish, Elle Woods-inspired hot pink blazer. At first I was nervous about purchasing this blazer because of its neon color, but I’m so glad I did! Neon is coming back this season, and the pink adds an unexpected twist to an otherwise “boring” blazer. I love how you can pair it with a tee and jeans for a casual look, as shown here, or dress up the blazer for work with a nice dress or black pencil skirt.

how to style pink, pink sweater, red purse, black pleather skirt, black bootspink sweater, red purse, black pleather skirt, black boots

An Edgy Valentine’s Outfit

Another old outfit but one of my favorites! Maybe I’m just biased ‘cause I love how my hair looks in these photos?? Either way, this outfit showcases pink in an edgier light—the color doesn’t just have to be ultra girly. Whereas in the first outfit of this post this pink sweater is paired with bright colors for a cutesy casual look, this outfit gives the sweater a more BA vibe by incorporating pleather and a choker. I love this for a “going-out” look!

spring outfit with white skirt, floral blouse, jean jacketfloral ruffle blouse from Kohl's

Surviving School in the Spring

And just like that…back to the girliness. Even though this blouse only has subtle shades of pink in the floral print, I tried to play that up by adding pink jewelry, a belt, flowers in my hair, and a polka dot purse. Your choice of pink doesn’t have to be bold and loud to make your outfit feel spring-y. These subtle accessories do the trick just as well!

pink sweater, tuxedo stripe jeans, blush flats, street stylepink sweater, tuxedo stripe jeans, brown belt, art deco purse, street style

Trend Tester Series: Tuxedo Stripe Jeans

Hello pink sweater my old friend…I’ve come to talk [about] you again. (Simon and Garfunkel parody, anyone??) If you pay close attention, you may have realized that this outfit is the EXACT same pairing of clothing as the first look in this post—pink sweater, tuxedo stripe jeans. BUT all the accessories are different, and ultimately the outfits have totally different vibes. Now that’s versatility. By pairing the pink with a beanie, big sunglasses, sneakers, and a funky purse for this outfit, the look has a very cool and “street style” vibe, which really stands out compared to the other outfits thus far. (Yes, I just used the word “thus” ‘cause I’m nerdy like that.)

maroon bell sleeve crop topways to celebrate Valentine's Day

10 Ways to Celebrate This V-Day

Does maroon count as pink? In this case, I’m declaring that it does. I wear a lot more maroon than true pink, but I just love how flattering a color it is, no matter how pale you are. This is what I would call a “saucy” look, but this faux-wrap crop top looks just as great with skinny jeans and heels for a night out as it does with a skirt and jean jacket for a day hanging with your gal pals.

blush top, striped skirt, Cabi clothing, blush sneakers, pattern mixing


Stop, stop…you’re making me BLUSH! I lovvvve the color blush, but unfortunately it doesn’t love me back, so I’ve finally decided to stop buying it. Regardless, I still love how this outfit turned out, with the casual blush tee and fun criss-cross details paired with one of my favorite, most unique skirts. This makes a great travel outfit because of the shoes and how comfy the overall look is, and I mean, come on—can you ever go wrong with a good set of stripes?

pink sweater, red vest, brown booties, skinny jeansred quilted vest, pink sweater, fall outfit, spring layers

Maybe She’s Born with It, Maybe It’s Confidence

Just when you thought I was done with this pink sweater…nope! This time I paired it with a red vest and brown accessories for a fall look (although this would also be cute for Valentine’s Day!). So if you haven’t noticed, this sweater is the very definition of versatile—pair it with skirts, jeans, vests; make it an edgy, casual, or girly look; you name it. Clearly a softer shade of pink is “safer” in terms of being able to pair it with a ton of different items. If you’re considering introducing more of this color into your wardrobe, I’d recommend something light like this sweater to start.

yellow ruffle blouse, floral cardigan, skinny jeansspring outfits, floral cardigan, yellow blouse, pink lipstick

How to Rock a Bold Lip

Florals? For spring? Groundbreaking. Clearly I’m in a referencing sort of mood today. Who can name that movie in the comments? Even though I’d say yellow is the main color of this outfit, I absolutely love how the pink florals in the cardigan brighten the look and make it SO perfect for the season. Not to mention, the cardigan provides a great layer for those chilly spring mornings.

Do you own a lot of pink? Do you love to style it in the spring, and if not, why? I want to hear from you in the comments! Thanks for stopping by, and have a fantastic Monday. The last one in April—crazy!


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    1. Thanks so much, Mireille! I loved seeing your outfit on Instagram. Green and pink are actually my two favorite colors, and I love pairing them together in my outfits! Especially forest green with light/blush pink. 🙂

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