The Story of a Rainy Day—Told Through Haikus


rainy day outfit, poetry, Haiku, skinny jeans, pink sweater

My roommate and I

Are “extra” and sacrifice

Warmth for the best pics…

pink sweater, yellow clutch, clear umbrellarainy day outfit, orange shoes, tuxedo stripe pants

But looking cutesy

With an umbrella is hard.

Nobody told us!

clear umbrella, dancing in the rain, orange flatspink lipstick, pink sweater, spring dressing

We stood in the wet

Trying to get cute photos

For the ‘Gram and blog.

dancing in the rain, rainy day, clear umbrella, pops of color, yellow purseclear umbrella, dancing in the rain, orange flats

As our teeth chattered,

Strangers stared judgmentally.

But they can’t stop us.

spring rain showers, pink sweater, floral hair clipsspring outfit, casual outfit, stylish weekend wear

Self-absorbed? Petty?

No. It brings us happiness

So we will go on.

stylish weekend wear, yellow purse, Charming Charlie, pink sweaterdancing in the rain, cute umbrella, orange shoes, pink sweater

Do it for the ‘Gram,

Do it for the fashion blog,

Just do it for you.

pink sweater, turquoise necklace, yellow purse, skinny jeansdancing in the rain, rainy days, rainy weather

Perfect shots are art.

Artist, not a narcissist

That is what you are.

pink Elizabeth Arden lipstick, pink JCPenney sweaterartsy umbrella shot, rainy day, surviving the rainy weather

Long live rainy days

And our chilly photoshoots—

We love getting wet.

tuxedo stripe jeans, pink sweater, turquoise necklacedancing in the rain, spring time, orange shoes, pop of color

To see some of my favorite items for rainy weather, you can read my post below:

The Most Stylish Rainy Day Essential

And to hear my thoughts about what to wear on those gloomy, wet days, here’s one final Haiku for you!

Grey on rainy days?

What a boring outfit choice.

Rock pops of color!

Hope you have a wonderful weekend! Stay dry out there girls—or not. 😉


Miles of smiles,



Pink Sweater: JCPenney, $18 // Tuxedo Stripe Jeans: Bohme Boutique, $40 // Orange Flats: DSW, $13 // Brown Belt: Cabi Clothing, $76

16 comments on “The Story of a Rainy Day—Told Through Haikus”

    1. Thanks Carrie!! It’s funny you should mention the denim, I actually didn’t realize it faded like that until I went through these photos!

  1. Such fun photos! You look so cute and cosy and that’s a great umbrella! 🙂 You got some great photos despite the rain!

    Hope you are having a lovely weekend! I had brunch with some other local style Instagrammers yesterday and it was so fun 🙂

    Away From The Blue

  2. Such a cool-written post. You know my little writer in me appreciates that. And the color-lover that I am I love the pops of light pink, yellow and orange-red added to this simple but totally cute look. I am glad you ended up taking these photos. I need one of those very circle clear umbrellas, clearly! LOL (pun intended).

    Thanks for linking up with Thursday Moda today and your honest thoughts on my frumpy pants.

    P.S. I am so happy and excited you will be a part of my Birthday Blog Party this year!

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