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Long time no see, eh? I am SO sorry I missed a blog post on Thursday! And unfortunately, I have more bad news…there’s no new content for me to share today, either. I know I know, I’m such a slacker. This week is finals week for me (my college is on the quarter system—four more days until spring break!) and I am ashamed to say my procrastination habits have reached a new high. Sadly, this means my blog is the first to suffer. Pshh—grades? Who cares! But blogging on the other hand…I’m mainly upset with my procrastination because it means neglecting all of you and being a lazy bum with no creative outlet. Shame on me.

Regardless, I just wanted to pop on here real quick to assure you that I am still alive and grinding through that whole school thing. I have so much exciting content coming your way and I can’t wait for spring break to start creating! (I know I’ve said those words in the past and then never delivered anything special…but this time guys. This time I’m serious. Cool stuff will be going down.)

Anyway, even though I couldn’t get any new content posted today, I did link some old (but still relevant) spring-related posts below—perfect for warmer weather, vacations/spring break, or reintegrating color back into your life after a bland winter. The Staying Home, Staying Solo post is particularly helpful if you’re on spring break but you don’t have any big plans (or none of your friends’ breaks align with yours). I hope you enjoy browsing these outfits and find inspiration for the new season. Flowers and sunshine and Easter and green grass are almost upon us!

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Wow, as I was browsing through old photos to find these posts, I realized a few things. One: I’ve gotten a lot better at fake-smiling throughout my almost three years of blogging (thank goodness). Two: my teeth used to be very yellow! If you want a nice white touch up before the warmer months, read my not-so-secret method of teeth whitening.

Anyway, I hope you’ll forgive my slacking. That reminds me to link one more post—It’s About Time to End Procrastination (ironic coming from me, I know). Here’s the thing! After I published that post, I really got myself under control and back on track with my work. But then in this last week and a half, I lost it again…I can say I’ve changed a lot in college, mostly in good ways, but this whole procrastination thing is the one kicker that gives high school Grace the advantage.

Have a fantastic Monday and enjoy the nice weather you’re (hopefully) having!


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