Super Stylish for the Super Bowl


LA Rams outfit for the super bowl

Who’s ready for the Super Bowl this Sunday?! I’ll be honest with you guys…I’m not a huge football person. I am, however, a huge food person and love Super Bowl Sunday for the yummy “game” snacks like artichoke dip, buffalo wings, and little stuffed jalapenos. I mean sure, the commercials are fun too, but I feel like the last few years have been a little disappointing. (We can never forget Puppy Monkey Baby though.) I did a post last year sharing my outfit for Super Bowl LII, which was Philadelphia Eagles themed (they ended up winning—woohoo!), and the post was such a hit that I decided to do it again this year. The team I’m rooting for? The Los Angeles Rams.

mustard and navy blue for LA Rams themed outfitwhat to wear for a super bowl partynavy blue and mustard yellow LA Rams Outfit

Even though I don’t watch a ton of football, I know enough to realize that nobody wants the Patriots in the Super Bowl again. I mean, how is Tom Brady even still around after deflating all the footballs? I went to a football viewing party two weekends ago and had a great time, so I’m looking forward to getting a little more into the sport this coming weekend. Thankfully, I’ll be clad in a cute outfit to match the colors of the team I’m rooting for.

what to wear for Super Bowl LIIIyellow and navy outfit to wear for the super bowl

I have to admit, when I was planning an outfit to represent the Rams, I wasn’t exactly thrilled about their team colors. Cobalt blue and yellow? Not my favorite combination, especially because I don’t have a ton of either of those colors in my closet. Thankfully, their other uniform is navy blue and white, so I decided to incorporate those for this comfy casual look. Got my blue jeans, my white tee, a fun navy gingham vest, and the perfect amount of yellow. I think it actually turned out pretty cute! Of course, no outfit is complete without a little sparkle, which I incorporated in my subtle glittery espadrilles. This look ended up being the perfect amount of stylish and game-day casual.

stylish outfit to wear for the super bowlnavy white and yellow casual outfitfun outfit to wear for the super bowlyellow textured scarf, navy gingham vest, sparkly espadrillesmustard yellow scarf and navy gingham vest to wear for the super bowl

Unfortunately, I didn’t have a football prop for my photos this year, so it’s sad for all of you that you can’t see my amazing form (not). I tried to take football-esque photos anyway, but it turns out when you bend over to say, “Set, hike!” and you don’t actually have the ball in your hand, it kind of looks like you’re going to the bathroom. So no, I didn’t include those photos in this post for your sake and mine.

LA Rams inspired outfitcasual outfit with yellow and navytextured mustard yellow scarf and white teefun affordable fashion, cute casual outfit

I’m excited to see Maroon 5’s halftime show! I liked the band before they were mainstream (that’s right, I’m cool like that), and while I don’t like their current music as much, I still think it will be a fun show. I saw them in concert a few years ago and had a blast. I’ll admit though…both my dad and I were a little underwhelmed by Adam Levine’s performance. We were expecting him to be super cool and give a great performance, but he ended up being rather awkward (a man after my own heart). Personally, I think he had one too many “hyping up” drinks before the concert, but I’m looking forward to the halftime show to see if he’s just as awkward this time. Do you like Maroon 5?

yellow navy and white outfit, complementary outfitscute casual outfit, what to wear to the super bowlnavy gingham JCrew vestgo long, football outfit, super bowl outfit

Ready—go long! Which team are you rooting for in Super Bowl LIII?! Will you be watching, just going for the food, or not caring at all? Hopefully y’all are rooting for the Rams so you too can rock a navy and mustard combination (much more presentable than a cobalt and bright yellow combo). Leave me your thoughts below, and I hope you have a Hail Mary of a Monday! (Shows how much I know about football…)

Miles of smiles,

P.S. My other post will be going up this Wednesday instead of my usual Thursday posting day in order to participate in a collaboration!

White Tee: A.N.A. via JCPenney, $9 // Navy Gingham Vest: JCrew, $50 // Skinny Jeans: A.N.A. via JCPenney, $25 // Sparkly Espadrilles: White Mountain via DSW, $40 // Mustard Scarf: unknown, $20

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