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If you had asked me a year ago about rocking a bold red lipstick, I’d probably give you an incredulous “no.” But after following various fashion bloggers for years, I’ve grown to love the look of a vibrant cherry-colored lip as the perfect cherry-on-top of a stylish outfit (see what I did there?). I finally went hunting for *the* shade during the Christmas season and here’s what I found…

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This Revlon Super Lustrous Lipstick in the shade “Cherries in the Snow”! I first went looking for a red lipstick specifically to wear in my blog post about recreating a Barbie ornament’s outfit. By the way, the photos today are borrowed from the following posts:

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unique Christmas gift ideas

I wanted a classic, red lipstick to look like an iconic vintage Barbie doll as well as carry me through the holiday season. So the next time I was at Target, I snagged this Revlon lipstick to give it a try. As someone who doesn’t wear makeup often, walking through the cosmetic aisles of stores can be pretty intimidating…So many colors, brands, types, oh my! Instead of just choosing blindly, I popped a squat right there and used cellular data to do a little research.

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A big issue with red lipstick is that it can make your teeth appear yellow…yuck, nobody wants that! (I now swear by using Crest White Strips, and you can read all about my experience with whitening strips.) I’ve heard in the past that in order to prevent the yellow look of your would-be pearly whites, you should look for red lipsticks with “blue undertones,” as opposed to orange ones. Unfortunately, makeup companies don’t clearly label their lipsticks as having “blue undertones”!

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On my phone, I did a quick search for blue-based lipsticks. Of course, a list of 30 shades popped up and I quickly sorted through the too expensive, the too crazy, and the ones not even sold at Target. I finally stumbled across a pic of this Revlon “Cherries in the Snow” shade and decided to hunt for it in the actual store. Sure enough, Target carried that exact color and the price was only $4.99. A steal! (For healthy, I-actually-trust-putting-this-on-my-mouth lipstick.)

I took that lipstick and ran. Metaphorically speaking, that is. I definitely paid for it.

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The next day I threw on the black gown for my Barbie photoshoot, curled my hair, ripped off the plastic of the lipstick tube and was super excited to try on the color…but was instantly disappointed. What?! I thought this was your new favorite lipstick, Grace! Yes yes, you’re right. But it didn’t start that way.

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Despite the cherry name, the color of the lipstick was not quite what I had in mind. Instead of a classic, true red, it had more pink to it and was extremely vibrant. It’s like my lips were screaming, “Hey girlfriend, we’re right HERE! Nice to meet you!” *cues Valley girl voice.* At this point, it was too late to return the color and too late to find a truer red for the photos, so I went with it.

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Let me tell ya’, I’m so glad I did! I then went on to wear the shade in another blog post. And with another outfit outside the blog. And another…So why did I end up loving this lipstick, you may ask? Well let me just list out the reasons.

  1. Even though it wasn’t the traditional red color I wanted, the very bold and bright pinky-red still made a glam statement as the perfect accent to an otherwise plain outfit.
  2. The Revlon Super Lustrous Lipstick is incredibly smooth—it doesn’t dry out your lips at all, cake on, or nestle into the cracks. This was huge for me because every other lipstick I’ve tried tends to dry out my lips and then cake in. Not a good look. This Revlon lipstick is actually hydrating, applies super easily, and makes your lips look like flawless little pillows.
  3. It doesn’t come off! This is the other super exciting part about this Revlon lipstick. It stays on SO well. One of the reasons I don’t wear lipstick a ton is because I’m self-conscious about eating/drinking and having it smear all over my face. Thankfully, this lipstick can easily survive a meal (I ate a big juicy burger the other night and it still looked decent) and most of the time survive the whole day. Now that’s what I’m talking about! In fact, the photos in this post where I’m wearing a plaid shirt were taken after I tried to remove the lipstick…and it stained my lips light pink. So I just threw on some clear lip gloss and called it a whole new color.

Boise Record Exchange

Whether you’re a lipstick-loving fool or are just wanting to try it out, I highly recommend this Revlon Super Lustrous Lipstick. It’s not even the color specifically that’s amazing—it’s just the product in general. I definitely plan on going back to stock up on even more colors! (They have so many options on the website and I’m so excited to browse them all.) What do you think, would you rock a bold cherry lip?! If you’re apprehensive (like I was at first) then check out my post below—I give you all the need-to-know tips to styling a bright lip shade.

How to Rock a Bold Lip

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  1. Carolyn (grandma)
    I noticed when we were out to dinner after you arrived back at school how lovely you looked with that beautiful color on your lips. Very right for you, very fashionable for you as well and delightful to see.

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