Trend Tester Series: The Circle Bag

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sweater weather outfit with maroon accessories

I’m usually not one for following trends, mostly because I don’t go shopping enough to keep up with the constantly changing atmosphere of fashion, but there have been a few lately I’ve been dying to get my hands on. Enter: the circle bag. I think circle bags first became popular a few years ago with Mansur Gavriel’s classic purse, which every high-end blogger and her sister had. Thankfully, these fun circular totes have finally made it to the mainstream—meaning they’re affordable for the everyday gal to purchase. Over the next few weeks I’ll be testing out some trends for y’all, so you don’t have to, and determining whether they “pass” or “fail.” I’m so excited to share this adorable burgundy pom pom circle purse as my first trend.

maroon blanket scarf black mini skirtmaroon scarf and maroon circle purse with pom pomsmaroon accessories and heathered sweatermaroon trendy circle purse with pom poms

I’ve been on the hunt for the perfect round crossbody for awhile now…I think they’re such a fun shape and add a unique and playful element to any outfit. One of the first places I always look for trendy (yet affordable) items is Francesca’s, and not surprisingly, they had a lot of options for what they label “canteen crossbodies.” I thought for sure I was ready to purchase this burgundy perforated one during a sale. However, once I visited a physical boutique, I unfortunately realized two things: first, the burgundy color in person was not like the one online; the shade was much more orange and more difficult to style. Second, the size is surprisingly small once you actually hold it.

One of the most important things I learned while testing this trend is to be mindful of the size of the bag. Because these purses are round, you lose a lot of “corner space” that you might otherwise have in a traditional shaped bag. I have a large phone, for example, and it didn’t really fit in the Francesca’s bag I was planning on purchasing. Just keep this in mind while shopping, that the shape affects what can and cannot be carried.

maroon scarf black mini skirtstaying cozy bundled maroon scarfblack booties maroon accessoriesstylish circle purse and zip front mini skirtstylish maroon accessories and sweater weather

I received this maroon circle bag as a birthday gift, so in the end, someone else finished my hunt for the perfect round purse for me. I absolutely love this bag and have been wearing it nonstop since I got it. The burgundy color acts as the perfect accent for all my fall and winter outfits, and the size is ideal—big enough for my phone but not so big to overwhelm my figure. The material feels very high quality, the bag is lined, and it comes with credit card slots on the inside. And did I mention the POM POMS on the strap?! How adorable is that?? I’ve never seen a purse with that detail, but I absolutely love it. I would highly recommend this purchase (keep scrolling to do a little shopping!)

Gap v-neck knit sweaterstylish winter and fall outfitblack mini skirt hair flip maroon accessoriesblack mini skirt winter cozy outfit

Circle Bag Verdict: PASS. After testing this trend, I’ve decided it passes my tests for affordability, style, utility, and lasting impression. You can read more specific reasoning for each category below.

  • Affordability: Yes, the circle bags I’ve found are slightly more expensive than what I’d usually spend on a purse. However, it is sale season and they’re much more affordable now than they used to be. You just have to be savvy about your shopping!
  • Style: Obviously, I think these circle bags are super stylish. Mine is the perfect size to hold the necessary purse essentials without being too big and overwhelming the outfit. The pom poms are an added bonus.
  • Utility: Like I mentioned before, the one thing to be cautious of when buying a circle bag is whether or not your phone or wallet will fit in it. I don’t carry a large wallet, so that’s not an issue for me. As long as you are thoughtful about the size you’re purchasing, these bags are surprisingly spacious and perfect for essentials like a phone, money, lip gloss, tissues, and more.
  • Lasting Impression: Trends wouldn’t be trends if they didn’t die off eventually. Thankfully, I think the circle bag is here to stay for awhile. They’ve been around for years in designer circles (pun intended) and they’re finally making it to more affordable realms, so I think there’s plenty of time before the next big bag trend comes around. Even once circle bags fall out of popularity, I will continue to use mine because of the great quality and style.

cozy winter outfit with burgundy accessorieson trend accessories and zip front mini skirton trend winter outfit

While I wouldn’t recommend this particular Francesca’s bag, they and other stores like DSW are currently carrying many other options, albeit the bags are slightly more expensive. Thankfully, there are some Cyber Monday sales happening today, and Christmas is just around the corner (did someone say, “Wishlist”?). Holding off until day-after-Christmas sales might be an even better option!

You can shop the bags below by clicking the numbered links. I preapproved all of them, so I guarantee they will fit even a phone as large as mine. I think all of these bags are so stylish and fun! And if you noticed, you can even shop the one I’m wearing in this post, both in a dark blue and the same burgundy color. Circle bags would also make a great Christmas gift for any fashionista friends or family you know. Happy shopping!







I hope you found this post helpful—let me know your thoughts on circle bags! Do you love them as much as I do? What’s on your Christmas list this year?


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V-Neck Sweater: Gap Outlet, $30 // Black Corduroy Miniskirt: Francesca’s, $35, still available in stores // Black Leopard Booties: Crown Vintage via DSW, $35 // Burgundy Scarf: H&M, $12 // Burgundy Circle Purse: French Connection via Nordstrom Rack, $50



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