10 Ways to Style Polka Dots

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blue cobalt coat with polka dot skirt

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again—I absolutely LOVE polka dots. It’s such a fun and playful print, and I’ve been slowly adding more of it to my closet. I wore this look last week on my birthday to celebrate with my parents. I figured what better outfit for my special day than a print that makes me smile! I tried to wear as many polka dotted items as possible, which inspired this post. I hope you love the print as much as I do, and without further ado, here are 10 ways to style it year around.

white polka dots Christmas lights

  1. Subtle Sunglasses. Whenever I wear a new print, I love to start small first. It’s difficult to tell in these photos but my white sunglasses have tiny black polka dots and a peach colored flower in the corner. They’re the cutest addition to any playful or girly outfit, and you can see them styled different ways in the posts below.

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Pic 14

  1. Playful Pants. On the complete opposite end of the spectrum from tiny sunglasses, you can go bold by rocking polka dot pants. I know a lot of people are against wearing prints on their bottom half for fear of looking wider, but I love patterned bottoms and even wrote a whole post about how to wear printed pants. I have one pair of black trousers with little white dots, and they’re the perfect way to spice up a work outfit or get out of the boring routine of solid black pants day after day. You can check out posts with those trousers by clicking below!

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downtown Denver fashionable stylish

  1. Sassy Skirts. Are you sick of the alliterations yet? If pants are too bold for you, opt for a polka dot skirt instead, like the one I’m wearing in this post. They’re flirty and girly, and you can never go wrong with black and white. Pair it with a blouse in your favorite color or tuck in the front of a thin sweater for a more winter appropriate look. The options are endless! I just bought this skirt last week after writing my post about Francesca’s sales, and it’s still available to purchase here for $24.

Pic 15

  1. Ankle Socks. Fashionable ankle socks have been all the rage the last few seasons, and while I don’t own a pair yet, I definitely want to get my hands on some. Polka dot mesh ones would look super cute with flats or sparkly heels, especially as the holiday season approaches. If you don’t know what kind of socks I’m talking about, you can shop a few pairs here, here, and here. You can also read my guide to fashionable feet and how to wear fun socks/tights this winter.

stylish polka dots cute fashion blogger

  1. Tights. Similar to the socks, I’ve been getting more and more adventurous with my choice of tights. The ones I’m wearing in this post are pink, for example! There are so many fun options out there, including bright colors and chunky textures, but polka dots are especially sweet. You can even spice it up from the traditional polka dot print by doing a bow pattern tight, which are so trendy but oh so cute! You can shop a few polka dot options here and here.

polka dots cobalt blue downtown Denver

  1. Spotted Outerwear. If you love polka dots as much as I do, then it makes sense to invest in something that takes up more real estate on your body, like a jean jacket or outerwear coat. It seems like polka dot raincoats are especially popular, and I wouldn’t mind getting my hands on a polka dot denim jacket for spring and summer…Even a bomber jacket would be insanely stylish and on trend!

pink belt pink tights statement necklace

  1. Polka Dot Purses. Kate Spade New York is the queen brand for everything girly, so it’s no surprise that one of the most widely used prints for the brand is polka dots. Unfortunately, Kate Spade is often too expensive for me, but this subtle pink purse with sparkly polka dots was on sale at their outlet store. The light pattern adds a little flirtiness to any look.

polka dot Kate Spade purse

  1. Mesh Polka Dots. I feel like mesh is becoming more and more popular (and less…scandalous?). Like with the mesh polka dot ankle socks, the mesh blouse I’m wearing adds a unique element to the outfit and something different than just a plain polka dot fabric. I love that just the sleeves are patterned for a subtle detail—I actually wore this blouse last year on my birthday as well, and you can spot a few more posts featuring it below.

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blue cobalt coat silver Christmas ornaments

  1. Pair It All Together. And of course, if you’re feeling really crazy, you can pair all the polka dot goods together! I was so excited to rock this mesh polka dot blouse, printed sunglasses, polka dot skirt, and purse in one outfit. I still consider this a form of pattern mixing, and pairing together the same print is the easiest way when you’re just starting out. My biggest tip is pairing bigger sized dots with smaller ones—they’re not all the same scale, and that’s what makes it work. For more tips on pattern mixing, you can click the links provided for older posts on the topic.

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polka dots pink accents black bootsblack and white polka dots

In case you STILL haven’t gotten your polka dot fill, here are a few more posts for inspiration:

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polka dots blue cobalt Christmas lights Denver

I hope you enjoyed this post, and let me know if you like polka dots as much as I do. Would you ever wear any of these items? Have a wonderful Monday!


Miles of smiles,



Crème Polka Dot Blouse: Loft, $20 // Blue Cobalt Peacoat: Francesca’s, $40 // Black Polka Dot Skirt: Francesca’s, $23, buy here // Pink Tights: Amazon, $8 // Black Quilt Boots: Nordstrom Rack, $40 // White Polka Dot Sunglasses: unknown, $15 // Pink Belt // Pink Polka Dot Purse: Kate Spade Outlet, was a gift

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