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Ah, the Fourth of July…I love this holiday for all the parades, decorations, fireworks, and patriotism, but I often struggle with putting together the perfect outfit. How can I effortlessly pair red, white, and blue without looking tacky? How can I do that when I don’t even own a lot of red or white?! If either of those questions sounds familiar, I’m hoping this post will help you. I rounded up old blog photos (some of them are super old, so forgive the bad quality) and am discussing ways you can turn these outfits into the perfect 4th of July look with pieces (hopefully) already in your closet.

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I own a lot of blue and the majority of that is turquoise. Sure, it may not match the American flag, but what’s wrong with teal for a little patriotism? A head-to-toe turquoise look is unexpected and less “try-hard”. It also may be more likely to be lurking in your closet…so if you got it, wear it!

[By the way, I am linking all of these original outfit posts if you want to see more pictures of a particular look—just click where the writing is highlighted pink, like “head-to-toe turquoise look” above.]

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Another color you shouldn’t be afraid to wear is a burnt orange shade. It’s similar to red and again, is unexpected. Not everyone owns or loves red, white, and navy blue, so a slight twist on the classics can make a more interesting 4th of July outfit, like this burnt orange dress. It’d be even better with white accessories, like the shoes from this post and a white purse and belt!

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Who says stripes are the only pattern allowed on the 4th? I’m all about the polka dots, and this navy two-piece set is the perfect look for the holiday. Just swap out some white shoes or wedges, add a red purse and bold red lip, and to the barbeques and parades you go!


I’m all about the shorts and short-sleeves combo. Got any t-shirts to pair with neutral bottoms, like these white and pinstriped shorts? Even jean shorts could work great in this look. Just be sure to spice things up a little with interesting accessories, such as printed sunglasses or shoes. You can check out more of this patriotic look here.


Instead of mixing red and blue (if you’re like me and don’t own a lot of red), try mixing blue with blue. This outfit incorporates the classic navy, but the light blue blouse makes it more summer appropriate. The orange purse could be substituted with a white or red one to complete this monochromatic look.


I own a lot of black and white patterned dresses, like this pretty one. Black might not be the most patriotic, but that doesn’t mean you can’t still make a print like this work. A blue denim—or even white denim—jacket screams summer, and subtle accessories like red lipstick, red nail polish, and a red belt can make all the difference in transforming this look for the 4th.


Again, black isn’t ideal, but if it’s all you got it can definitely work. Make an ultra summery and chic look with subtle pops of red and sparkles to mimic fireworks, like in this sassy ensemble. If the colors aren’t perfect, at least create a super stylish outfit to make up for it!


White and grey-blue is a classic summer combo all season long (think seersucker and gingham). But who says you can’t do a little color blocking with those shades? It may not be navy, but this blue and white outfit is fresh and sassy for a summer day. You may think your school or work collared blouse is off limits, but tying the front can be the perfect change to take it from office-boring to party-appropriate.

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Again, embrace the blue on blue! This gorgeous sky blue shade is so happy and bright, it’s perfect for such a celebratory holiday. You can pair it with your favorite neutral soft shorts, a patterned pair like mine, or even just classic denim shots (white ones would be especially cute). More of this outfit here.

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So many of these outfits involve a white tee—you can really turn this staple into endless 4th of July inspired outfits. Consider pairing your tee with printed shorts, and instead of my yellow purse, opt for a red one instead. Ta-da! If you own a white tee, then you’re basically good to go. 🙂 This summer outfit is from this post.

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I used to always have a specific shirt I’d wear every 4th of July—you know, one of those tops made just for the holiday. That’s what this little star t-shirt is for. 🙂 It definitely makes for a cutesy look!

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If you couldn’t tell, I love monochromatic looks. This sparkly navy ensemble may be a little fancy for this casual holiday, but the idea isn’t. A head-to-toe navy look can be accessorized with white heels and red lipstick to exude a polished yet festive 4th of July outfit.

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These navy polka dot shorts are also getting a lot of use. While a bright blue and red is a little harder to style together, you shouldn’t fear pairing red and navy. It’s a classic combo that almost always looks good. Check out more of this look in this post.

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Remember that tip to tie your school/work shirt? Here’s another version of it. Swap out the yellow purse—maybe even for something sparkly, who says red is the only festive thing out there?—and you’re good to go.


Black…maybe not super festive, but a red sash and pretty white heels are. As long as the dress is a summery material, you can make darker shades work too. It’s all in the accessorizing, and don’t forget red lipstick, like I did. This outfit can be found here.


Denim denim denim. When in doubt, a jean jacket, jean shorts, or just skinny jeans is the way to go. This fabric is always associated with spring and summer, so it’s the perfect fall-back if you feel like you have nothing else to wear. Do you have any pins or brooches? Maybe an American flag pin you won in a contest in grade school? Pins are all the rage right now and they could be the perfect detail to spice up your collar. 🙂 This blue and white outfit is from this post.

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Again with the turquoise. I wasn’t sure if this dress would be festive enough at first due to the color, but why the heck not?! The stripes sure are patriotic, and paired with straw accessories, this look makes a great 4th outfit for a day by the water.

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Need I say more about white t-shirts and denim? It doesn’t get more classic than this outfit.

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Annnnnd my uber patriotic look to finish it off. I don’t know, is this outfit tacky? Or is it cute for the 4th of July? Either way, I hope I provided enough inspiration today to figure something out for next Wednesday. I said it before and I’ll say it again: the accessories are so important! Something as simple as red nail polish, red lip color, white sunglasses, or even a red bandana/hair scrunchie can make all the difference in your outfit.

I’d love to see your 4th of July looks! Feel free to tag me on Instagram and I’ll comment back. Have a wonderful Friday and weekend. 🙂


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