Dressing for Fashion Capitals of the World (As a Tourist)



If you saw my Instagram post yesterday, you know I’ve been traveling for the last week and a half, and one of the places I visited was New York City for the first time. Not only did I feel excited to explore such an iconic and important city, but I also looked forward to observing all the fabulous fashion. After all, NYC is one of the fashion capitals of the world (along with Paris, Milan, and London). Being cute as a tourist is already hard enough with fanny packs and sneakers and all, but being a fashionable tourist in the Big Apple?! This posed a whole new kind of style dilemma.


I knew I wanted to dress extra fashionably while in NYC, but I also didn’t want to be unrealistic. There was no way I planned to walk miles around the city in stiletto heels and cocktail dresses. But me being me, I accepted it as a challenge to find a fashionable yet comfortable outfit that took into account the forecasted weather.

The most important item that needs to be considered first is shoes. As a tourist, no matter what city you’re in, you’ll probably be walking a lot and out-and-about all day. That’s why comfy shoes are critical. If your shoes cause blisters and pain the first day of walking, then you really screw up the rest of your trip; your feet will just hurt the entire time. That’s why I recommend picking two or three pairs of shoes to pack that you’ve owned for a while, have already broken in, and know for a fact are comfy. I’ve owned these black studded sandals for a few years now and they’re my absolute favorite. They stay on my feet without trouble and never cause blisters.

Once you figure out shoe choice, then you can start putting together an outfit. I knew I wanted to wear pants because they were more realistic for my trip, but I opted for trousers instead of jeans or skinnies—that way I was a little more dressed up. I initially planned to wear a black short sleeve turtleneck sweater with these pants, along with the statement necklace, for a posh look. However, the day turned out to be warmer than I expected, and I opted for a lighter colored sweater instead to stay cooler. Another tip for a fashionable tourist outfit: bring two possible blouses for the same pair of bottoms to account for any unexpected weather changes.

One of the quickest ways to create a chic outfit is to keep it neutral. I love black and white on a good day, but it especially seemed like the perfect color scheme to complement the greyscale skyscrapers of the city. Accessories also play a huge part in putting together a more stylish tourist outfit because they’re small and can be packed easier. Think statement jewelry, pretty belts, patterned sunglasses, and lightweight scarves.


Have you been to one of the four fashion capitals of the world? What did you wear, or what do you like to wear when you travel? More about my trip is heading your way soon! Have a great Friday and weekend. 🙂


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White Short Sleeve Sweater: hand-me-down // Houndstooth Ankle Pants: JCPenney, $19 // Black Studded Sandals: Arturo Chiang via Dillard’s, $30 // Patterned Sunglasses: Charming Charlie, $7 // Black Elephant Purse: Francesca’s, $20 // Necklace: JCrew

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