Patterned Patootie: Why You Can Totally Rock Printed Pants



I feel like there’s this stigma surrounding patterned pants…that only certain people can pull them off, or only stick-thin girls can wear them. I’m here to tell you that’s BS! I absolutely love wearing printed pants, and they add so much spice and personality to your wardrobe. That’s why I’m rounding up a bunch of old outfits with patterned bottoms. If you haven’t tried patterned pants yet, then you’re really missing out!

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I realize now that this was not the best picture for the beginning of this post because it involves mixing patterns…a high risk maneuver. But, if you’re feeling confident and a bit style-crazy, matching your patterned pants with more print on top can be a super stylish option. Just remember to vary the prints and keep them in a similar color scheme. My black and white streaked shirt matches the black and white pants, but the top has a different scale pattern than the bottoms. If you pair two prints of the same size, your outfit will just look sloppy and busy. You can view more of this look (from two summers ago!) here.

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An easier way to style printed pants is to choose bottoms in a single neutral tone, like shades of grey (but not 50 of them, let’s keep this blog PG). From there, you can pick one other color to finish the outfit. I chose light pink for my sweater and tied in the same shade in my shoes to keep the outfit from looking too crazy. More of this look can be found here.

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You can also choose to pair your pants with the same shades from the pattern. For example, I picked this olive green shawl and maroon top to match the pink flowers and leaves shown in the pants. That way all the colors look really good together, and you create a cohesive outfit rather than a haphazard one. You can find this outfit and a product for whiter teeth in this post.

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When in doubt, keep it neutral. There’s nothing classier than sophisticated trousers and a solid top in black and white. The blue suede shoes add the perfect pop to complete this stylish outfit! You can check out more of this look and my favorite nail polish in this post.


Wanna keep it casual? You can always pair your patterned bottoms with a simple white tee and denim jacket. That pairing goes with absolutely everything! Not to mention, it’s super comfy. This spring look can be found here, along with my spring (but now summer) bucket list.

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If you want a summer look, pair your breezy pants with a solid tank or mock-neck. Top off your look with boho accessories like a dream catcher necklace or panama hat, and you’re ready for a summer night out! This super old blog post can be found here.

Keep scrolling for ten additional patterned pants looks, including some for every season!

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I hope you enjoyed this round-up. Would you ever wear or have you ever worn printed pants? Or are you a little timid about it? My aunt wore the cutest pair of Kelly green and pink floral trousers to my graduation the other day, which inspired me to write this post. I just love a bold patterned pant!

Have a wonderful weekend, and thanks for stopping by. 🙂


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  1. I dare say one could even wear some of these to the office, especially the black and white printed pair you had! 🙂

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