Let’s Celebrate Moms

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You guys! Did you know that Mother’s Day is this Sunday? While I love the holiday and celebrating my much-deserving mom, I hate the timing of it. May is the busiest time of year for me (and probably most students) so I always feel like the holiday sneaks up before I can think of a great gift. Which is so unfair to all the mothers out there! That’s why giving an experience can sometimes be the best gift of all—you can think of it last minute without having to buy anything, and you get to make an awesome memory with your mother.


With that said, here a few ideas of fun experiences you can have with your mom instead of a conventional gift:

  • Take her to lunch or dinner at her favorite restaurant and pay for the meal.
  • Go to get your nails done at a salon.
  • See a movie she’s been wanting to see and give her the full package of popcorn, candy, and a soda.
  • Treat her to a fancy brunch at a really nice restaurant or hotel.
  • Buy her a bunch of flowers and fill the house with vases, each one with a little note of a reason you’re grateful for your mom (this one is sappy, but it could be cute if your mom is into that sort of thing).
  • Take an interesting class together, like painting landscapes or making birdhouses or one of the super random things you can find at community centers.
  • Pack a cute picnic in a woven basket and eat it in a pretty park so you can enjoy all the spring blooms and fragrances.
  • Go on a hike and plant a tree together. Not sure if you’re allowed to just plant trees wherever, but it’d be cool to see if it grows each time you come back and have that plant represent your love for each other.
  • If your mom is the super sentimental type, you could take her on a drive around your town and give her a “tour” of all the places where some of your favorite memories took place—a literal trip down memory lane.
  • Buy her a corsage to wear around for the day. That way, she feels extra special and can enjoy the smell of her favorite flower.


In terms of this outfit, this is not what I planned to wear…I wanted to style the mint sandals from this post, but I realized I accidentally left them at my friend’s house. So I was stuck with these magenta sneakers instead. I wore this look to walk many miles around Seattle and go to a Sounders soccer game. Just goes to show you that outfits don’t always turn out as you expect (even for fashion bloggers), but it can sometimes turn out in your favor! My feet were pretty happy to have real shoes instead of sandals after so much walking. 🙂


I hope you enjoyed my Mother’s Day ideas! A lot of them work for any gal pals, so if your girlfriends have birthdays or anything coming up, this post could still be helpful. I feel like blogger gift guides never help me because they’re impersonal, so hopefully one of these experiential ideas can  match your Mom’s personality and be something she’d actually enjoy as a gift. How do you plan to celebrate your mom this weekend? I’d love to know!


Miles of smiles,


Green T-Shirt: A.N.A. via JCPenney, $20 // Grey Bedazzled Pants: Black Orchid via Sundance Outlet, $60 // Magenta Sneakers: Toms via a warehouse sale in Las Vegas, $25 // Aviator Sunglasses: Icing, $16


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