Hey y’all! Today I’m doing something a little different…I want to talk about YOU and what you want to see from Graceful Rags in the future.


I’ve noticed recently on my website’s analytics that one of my old blog posts is getting a huge amount of views and traffic from search engines. The post is from last spring where I talked about why you should wear a short dress to prom. Looking at these analytics tells me a few things. One: Some of my post ideas are reaching my desired audience. I try to write and provide fashion inspiration for teenage girls and young twenty-somethings. The fact that one of my blog posts on prom is attracting so much attention proves to me that young ladies like yourself are stumbling across this corner of the internet because I wrote something they’re interested in. The other thing I’ve learned is this: prom is a hot topic that teenagers are researching, so I should use that information to write even more relevant and useful blog posts for all of you.

Which brings me to the heart of today’s post…What do you want to see from me? As a blogger, I want to be able to help you and give you the information you need. Here are some categories of blog posts I’ve written in the past with examples:

If you’ve been following Graceful Rags for a while, then you know these are the categories of content I put out every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. Are there any of these blog post types that you prefer more than others? Is there something totally different that you’d like to see? I’m open to any and all suggestions, whether that be what to write about, who to write for, website design, personal questions, etc. Let me hear from you! I want you guys to feel comfortable reaching out to me and asking questions/giving me your ideas through comments and social media like DMs on Instagram.


A few weeks ago, I posted a picture of me in a flapper-style dress on my Instagram Stories. A girl reached out to me, asking me where I got the dress and explaining to me that she needed a flapper girl costume. While my particular dress was no longer available, I browsed online for similar dresses and sent her the links, as well as my best tips for creating a flapper girl costume. She was extremely grateful for my help, but I was extremely grateful that she asked for my help! It was so exciting to advise someone in a fashion dilemma, and that’s what I want to do more regularly for you. So if you ever need an outfit for an event, don’t know what to wear, or can’t decide if certain items look good together, please do not be afraid to reach out and ask me. 🙂

As for today’s look, this is just a super comfy outfit I’ve worn to school before. I absolutely love this striped Cabi skirt—it’s probably my favorite skirt that I own and it is seriously the comfiest thing ever. I decided to accessorize with varying shades of light pink, with my blush quilted sneakers, this stony pink top from JCPenney, and this adorable new polka dot purse from Kate Spade. Unfortunately, the contrast between my shirt and the background in these pictures wasn’t so great!


Have a wonderful Friday! I really hope to hear from you all soon and I can’t wait for all of your suggestions. 🙂


Miles of smiles,



Blush Strappy Tee: A.N.A. via JCPenney, $18 // Striped Skirt: Cabi, $90 // Blush Quilt Sneakers: DSW, $60 // Pink Polka Dot Kate Spade Purse: gift

4 comments on “Suggestions?”

  1. I have those same quilted shoes in pink. 🙂 I love that bag paired with them! I really like outfit posts that tell you how to style specific pieces several ways (although I know they’re more work) and blogging tips are also nice!


    1. Yes, I love those quilted shoes! Thanks so much for the input, Carrie. I always like those posts too, but like you said, it takes more work and way more outfits for a single post.

  2. I’m in love with your purse! And I’m also a huge fan of reading posts about personal lives. This was a great post and it definitely earned a follow. I love that you’re asking for your followers for their input!

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