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Sorry for posting this so late today! Unfortunately, my big calculus test and vocabulary quiz were more important than this blog post…I know, crazy. Today I’m just sharing this posh outfit that I wore to Easter brunch (can you spot the eggs in some of the backgrounds?!). I thought this outfit was very Parisian in style, but if you keep reading, you’ll see how now I’m second guessing myself…


It’s no question that French girls are known for their style. I mean, hello, Paris Fashion Week! But what exactly is Parisian style? I always thought it included stripes, neutrals, lightweight scarves, and girly dresses. Granted, I am not French, nor have I ever been to France. I’m sure if a French girl read this she would scoff at my misunderstanding of her people’s style. After some google searches and exploration of other bloggers’ interpretations, it seems that French style is more a way of life than what you wear—mainly, the confidence and effortless vibes that these women exude. With that said, I also noticed that French women wear a lot of neutrals, mainly black and white, along with staple pieces like button down shirts, jeans, and black trousers. And of course, there were some stripes in there… 😉

My outfit is pretty neutral, with just some pops of navy in the wrap belt and shoes as well as a little color with the head scarf. So at least I nailed that part. And while it may not be specific to the French, lightweight scarves are a huge fashion staple in Europe. I initially planned to wrap this silky scarf around a low curly ponytail, but I opted for the headband look instead. I tied the scarf at the nape of my neck and let the loose ends dangle in my hair. Throughout the day, little pops of color kept peeping out of my dark curls!


I feel like for the most part, I don’t accessorize very much. I stick to some simple jewelry or one statement necklace, but rarely do I go over-the-top with lots of details. I tried to break out of my comfort zone a little with this outfit, but now that I’m looking at these photos, it doesn’t seem that different than what I usually wear! Because it was Easter, I wore a cross necklace. I also rocked my favorite charm bracelet and a blue ring, both from The Jewelers of Las Vegas. Of course I added some color with the head scarf, and the navy wrap belt matched perfectly with my shoes. I opted for polka dot sunglasses rather than just black ones to try to spice it up a bit. Finally, I wore a brooch on my dress. I’ve been loving that pins are making a comeback, but I actually haven’t tried it that much myself. So even with all those little details, I still think they were subtle enough that you don’t notice a lot of accessories. Ah well, gives me an excuse to try again. 😉


Have you ever been interested in Parisian style? Do you like to wear scarves that aren’t just for warmth? I’d love to know your thoughts on today’s post! Thanks for stopping by. 🙂


Miles of smiles,



Pinstripe A-Line Dress: Elle via Kohl’s, $40 // Navy Strappy Heels: Kelly and Katie via DSW, $40 // Watercolor Scarf: art fair, $20 // Polka Dot Sunglasses: Container Park in Las Vegas, $15 // Blue Belt: Banana Republic, on major sale with rewards it only cost $5!

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