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The weather may not seem to be warming up quite yet, but summer is just around the corner. Soon enough we’ll be rocking some shorts with our hair tied up and an ice-cream cone in hand. Sounds nice, doesn’t it? Only if you’re comfortable in shorts.


I’ve always had a difficult time finding shorts that I like; they seem to come in two lengths, which I will name “butt-cheek sighting” and “old lady Bermuda.” Medium length shorts that still look youthful but are also more modest than typical teenage clothing seem nonexistent. (Although, I have found an orange and a blue pair that I like.) Not to mention, I really love dessert. But dessert does not love my thighs, and shorts like to showcase that fact. So whatever your reason for not wearing shorts, here are 5 alternatives to wear this summer to stay stylish and [relatively] cool.


1. Floral/Patterned Skirts: Today’s outfit is a great one for spring, with the colorful skirt and striped heels to add some pattern mixing. One of the best alternatives to shorts is a knee-length or just above the knee skirt. While you still have to worry about finding a relatively modest length, a-line/flowy skirts are easier to shop for because the only measurement that matters is your waist; you don’t have to worry about something fitting your natural waist and getting over the booty bump, which can be a real struggle for girls with hips. Some of my favorite summer outfits with skirts involve this orange high-low skirt, this black and white striped one, and this bright blue and orange skirt from one of my first blog posts.

2. Maxi Skirts: Maxi skirts are probably my favorite summer alternative to shorts. They’re so breezy, and they keep you incredibly cool. Not to mention, they are the easiest item to shop for from this list (fit-wise) because you only have to worry about the waist and the length isn’t an issue. You can check out my favorite maxi skirt outfits in my round-up post, Maxi Skirt Mayhem. I kind of have a love-hate relationship with these skirts, but they do make a great replacement for shorts.

3. White Jeans: I’m currently on the hunt for a new pair of white jeans. White is so much happier/springier during the summer than regular jeans, and they really do go with everything. I never really considered white jeans as an option before starting blogging, but so many fashion bloggers rock this pant and inspire me to try it out. Sure, pants aren’t the best for the hottest summer day, but they’re great for 70s weather or hot days you know will be spent in the over-air conditioned inside. I paired white jeans with an orange camo t-shirt during my first summer of blogging.

4. Sundresses: Dresses are so easy to style and can be super pretty for spring and summer. Choose bright colors, flowery prints, flowy fabrics, or subtle textures like lace for a stylish and put-together outfit. I like to choose fit-and-flare dresses because a) they’re super flattering, b) it’s easier to find a size that works for you based on the shape/cut of the dress, and c) you can twirl in them. 🙂 This turquoise stripe dress is probably my favorite summer dress for those reasons.

5. Boldly Colored Pants: Last but not least, go bold with some brightly colored pants. I know a vibrant color on your bottom half isn’t everybody’s favorite style, but that color can be the difference in making a stylish, seasonally-appropriate summer outfit. Try something out of your comfort zone! Who knows, maybe you’ll love those hot pink pants or those sky blue capris. I’m certainly not afraid of bold pants, as seen by my bright blue pants, these baby pink capris, and these very orange pants. You can even try a print on the bottom with the very comfy, the very hip…[drumroll please] Palazzo Pant!


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Will you be using some of these short substitutions this spring and summer, or are you a shorts loving gal? There are always so many cute pairs of shorts out there, especially the crochet ones! I just don’t personally feel super comfortable wearing them. What other sorts of outfits do you rock in the warmer weather? I’d love to know. 🙂

Have a great Wednesday and thanks for stopping by the blog!


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Red Textured Blouse: JCPenney, $18 // Navy Patterned Skirt: Giraffe (fair-trade store on Vashon Island in Washington), $80 // Navy Striped Heels: CL by Laundry via DSW, $40 // Black Cat-Eye Sunglasses: Charming Charlie, $7

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