Staying Home, Staying Solo



So let’s say…You’re on spring break, all of your friends are vacationing in warm tropical places, and you’re stuck at home, alone. Ugh! What are you going to do for a week?! Don’t worry, I got you covered. 😉


Finally dive into that hobby you’ve been dying to try. Photography? Hand lettering? Scrapbooking? Blogging? Whatever it may be, a week to yourself can be the perfect time to try out that one thing you’ve been wanting to learn how to do for so long. Just grab a laptop, maybe hit up a library with a yummy drink in hand, and get researching!

Treat yourself to a full room makeover. That’s right, go all out with furniture rearrangement, dusting/vacuuming, and new matching accessories. If your room makeover isn’t worthy of a reality TV show, then you’re not doing it right. Maybe this one isn’t for everyone, but I personally LOVE doing room makeovers (it doesn’t even have to be my own room). Gotta love that interior design. 😉 You deserve a clean, stylish bedroom to call your very own!

Catch up on that one really popular show on Netflix so you can stop being the loner who doesn’t know what’s going on. <– I’m always this person! I don’t have Netflix, so I never know any of the popular shows (hello, “Stranger Things” and “Game of Thrones” [and yes, I know that’s on HBO and not Netflix]). Anyway, five days off of school sounds like the perfect time to binge watch your favorite show and develop a couch sore and dreadlocks in the meantime.

Pick up an instrument. As I sit here typing this post and listening to Ed Sheeran, I wonder if I can play “Kiss Me” on my guitar. I am not a musically talented person in any way, but I’m taking a guitar class at my school this semester. Ever since starting, I’ve been trying to learn all of my favorite songs! I encourage you to teach yourself a song or two this spring break. Even if you’re musically challenged like me, it just takes time, patience, and a lot of YouTube videos. It’s always so cool to be able to play your favorite song, plus it’s a fun party trick. 😉


Go shopping. This one is self-explanatory. Retail therapy should always be on your list of things to do. 😉 Plus, it seems like there have been a lot of sales going on lately, so now is a great time to update your spring wardrobe. Today’s outfit is vibing on the spring neutrals, and I love this outfit for a casual day running errands or just hanging out—it screams “desert” to me, anyone else?

Work out. Okay, I know this sounds weird. I mean, who ever wants to work out? But for some reason, I feel more motivated to be active when I have nothing else to do, ya know? As in, I’m just sitting around and am bored, then all of a sudden a run sounds really appetizing. Strange, I get it. This spring break, I’m actually really looking forward to doing lots of sit-ups and squats. I can’t explain it, but I have an urge to work out! (Just give it a day though. Then it’ll be gone and I’ll be back to chocolate on the couch.)

Host your own spa day. Get some mood music, draw a hot bath, throw in one of those fizzy bath balls that are super popular on social media right now, and just relax. Grab your favorite book, paint your nails, add a face mask, light some candles. Mmmm, I feel relaxed already.

Try a new recipe. Okay, for me, any recipe is new because all I know how to cook is microwave corn dogs. Sad, but true. I really want (and need) to learn how to cook, which can be so difficult to do during a busy school week. That’s why you have to take advantage of your time off. Any spring-y foods you’ve been craving lately? Just make sure not to burn down the house, whatever you choose to make. 😉

Catch up on blogs! Haha, shameless plug. But honestly, since starting my own blog in 2016, I’ve really gotten behind on all my favorite bloggers. I love supporting other fashion gals and gaining inspiration, and reading/commenting on my favorite girls’ posts is a great way to build community.


What are your plans for spring break? Are you going anywhere, or just chilling at home? Which one of these ideas would you try? I love hearing from you gals, so leave me a comment below!

Have a great day. 🙂


Miles of smiles,



Off-White Crochet Top: hand-me-down // Red and Crème Boho Skirt: Down East Boutique, $30, debut on the blog // Brown Beaded Sandals: DSW, $19 // Aviator Sunglasses: Icing, $16 // Brown Saddle Bag: won in a giveaway, originally from Club Monaco

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  1. Love this post! I have no spring break of course! My kids do. And they’ll probably do none of these things. They’ll mostly adhere to the couch and eat gummy worms (oh wait, they’ll both almost certainly binge watch something!). Anyway, I think it’s a great list and even though I’m too old to get a spring break, I’m still going to refer to the list when I have some down time. Also, LOVE the outfit. looks Greek in style to me and I think you should wear it some spring break when you finally get to Mykanos. 😉

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