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With the Oscars last night and prom just a few weeks away, I thought it was the perfect time to round up a few formal dresses for you to shop. To my surprise, I had quite a difficult time finding dresses I like. So many of them are tacky, unflattering, too expensive, or all of the above! Most of the dresses I found are relatively simple, but simple is better when compared to a gaudy dress with big plastic jewels and way too much tulle. Like with anything, a simple dress can be decorated with fun and pretty accessories.

I found 14 dresses for y’all to shop (all $120 or cheaper), and I separated them into categories below. Are you a girly girl? Got you covered. 😉 Do you like things a little edgier? I have some options for that too! Keep on scrolling, girl.

Girly Girl

Dress 12

It can’t get more girly than blush pink, lace, a little sparkle, and a sweetheart neckline. I could never wear this dress because the color would wash me out, but the pale pink could be so pretty on someone tanner/darker than me. I really love the flirty neckline and flattering cross-pattern across the waist. You can purchase this blush dress at Macy’s for only $89.

Dress 7

I like the uniqueness of this mint color. It surely will stand out from the crowd but in a subtle way. Not to mention, the pastel color is perfect for spring! The lace bodice is super pretty and I love the playfulness of the pleated chiffon bottom. You can purchase this mint dress from Macy’s for $119.

Dress 6

Ruffles just scream GIRLY to me, but this dress comes with a sexy twist. I adore the bold red color (although it comes in other colors as well) and the fit is so flattering. This red ruffle dress is from Lulu’s for $100. I’ve never shopped at Lulu’s before, but I know many people who have bought dresses there (specifically for homecoming) and they seem to be good quality. I love that Lulu’s has so many color options! When I searched for dresses last night, they all seemed to be the same boring colors again and again. At least this store has some variety and brighter shades.


For The Edgy Gal

Dress 9

This sassy bold cobalt blue dress hits in all the right places. The mesh detailing adds some fun interest and edginess, and the color will surely draw some stares. This cobalt blue dress can be bought from Macy’s for $109. It also comes in black.

Dress 4

This dress has a fun criss-cross back for a unique detail and to show a little skin. It comes in multiple colors, but I’m a sucker for a bold red. The dress is otherwise pretty simple, but the back screams summer and is perfect for a warm night out, dancing with friends. You can buy this red strappy back dress from Lulu’s for just $58.


Bold and Trendy

Dress 10

This floral dress isn’t for the faint of heart, but I love how different it is. The bold all-over pattern will surely catch everyone’s attention, and the flowers are perfect for spring. You can buy this fun floral dress from Macy’s for $109.

Dress 8

Do you always love to keep up on the latest trends? This navy dress with a purple embroidered bodice won’t let you down. Florals and embroidery have been huge trends the last few seasons, and they’re still going strong. This embroidered navy dress can be purchased from Macy’s for $119.


Sparkly and Glam

Dress 13

For all you girls who like a little sparkle (me!) these next few dresses are for you. Navy is such a pretty color for dresses and is universally flattering—even someone as pale as me can rock a navy dress. I love the delicate straps of this one and the sparkly beaded bodice. You can purchase this navy dress from Nordstrom Rack for $110. It also comes in a crème shade.

Dress 11

Calling all tan girls! This pretty white number makes a simple and classy statement, but it still has fun strappy details and a sparkly waist band. You can buy this white gown from Macy’s for $109.

Dress 1

Head-to-toe sparkles! This navy dress has unique round sequins over the entire outfit–they kind of remind me of little disco balls! It will surely sparkle beneath the lights on a dance floor. You can purchase this navy sequin dress from Lulu’s for $100.


Simple and Timeless

Dress 2

I liked this magenta dress because of the open back. The lines are so clean and pretty! Not to mention, the color is gorgeous for spring—a little lighter than burgundy, since burgundy has been so popular the last few years. You can buy this magenta backless dress from Lulu’s for $94.

Dress 3

I can’t get over the dark green shade of this dress—SO pretty. The neckline is fun and the dress would look great with a silver sparkly belt. You can buy this emerald dress from Lulu’s for $70.

Dress 5

This pale blue dress has a classic shape and style that could be re-worn as a bridesmaid or wedding guest. I love its simplicity and the pastel color will look so pretty for spring. You can buy this light blue dress from Lulu’s for $86.

Dress 14

And finally, you can’t go wrong with a little black dress. I think this dress would be the most comfortable—I’m pretty sure it’s just a jersey material, but the lines are so clean and stylish. I would love dressing this up with a fun bag and silver heels. You can buy this black slit dress from Nordstrom Rack for $65.


Which dress is your favorite? Would you wear any of these? If you’ve been following me for a while, you may know that I’m an advocate for wearing a short dress to prom. However, these dresses are very pretty, and it’s fun to wear a long gown for once. I also recommend looking for dresses in consignment shops. I know it can be a little weird wearing someone else’s clothes, but consignment shops often have great deals and you can feel assured that nobody else will be wearing the same dress. 😉 I bought the Calvin Klein dress in the first picture of this post at a consignment shop for only $50! You can see more of that classy black dress in my old homecoming post.

Thanks so much for stopping by today! Have a great Monday, and good luck on your dress search, if you’re going to prom. 🙂 Let me know if you want any more prom inspiration.


Miles of smiles,


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