Dressing for Confidence

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All of today’s photos were taken on the same day—hard to believe, I know, since half of the photos are sunny and bright and the other half are snowy and insanely windy (can you see the little snowflakes in the above picture?). So you may be wondering, why am I wearing a skirt and short sleeves when it’s 20 degrees out?! Excellent question.


Today I want to talk about dressing for confidence, something I think each of us should be doing. But what do I mean by that exactly? Each morning when you get dressed, I think you should consider the following question: What makes me feel beautiful? The clothes you choose to buy and the items that fill your closet *should* be the answer to that question. Now I know, not every piece of clothing makes you feel that way—I’d say in my own closet, only about a quarter are pieces that really boost my confidence. But in a perfect world, you should strive to make each piece something you absolutely love, and you should consider this when you go shopping.

Asking yourself what makes you feel beautiful can be difficult to answer or even address, especially if you never feel pretty to begin with. And I understand that some days you just don’t want to put on a great outfit; maybe you’re sick but still have to go to school, or you have a major breakout on your face and you just want to do your best to hide in the crowds. I totally get that. I am no expert in self-care or how to deal with self-esteem issues, but I do know a killer outfit can make me feel a lot better about myself. If I feel down or wake up super tired and unmotivated, a stylish outfit can brighten my mood and boost my confidence.

That’s what clothes should do—they should make you feel great and pretty because everyone deserves to feel beautiful. Even if you can’t make every piece in your closet a stand-out confidence booster, I encourage you to be mindful when you shop and consider what makes you feel amazing right when you put it on.


I chose this crème short sleeve sweater, black pleather skirt, and red scarf to wear to a fancy brunch in Seattle on Sunday. For me, dressing for confidence means dressing up; I just love being fancy and feel most beautiful in an elegant, high-class outfit, even if that means freezing in the snow and high wind! I added this vintage-inspired pearl bracelet and this amazing new bag for some over-the-top glam.

The important thing to remember when dressing for confidence is that YOUR definition of confidence could be totally different from someone else’s. Sure, I like to dress up, and some people might call me overdressed for school or simple outings like going to the movie theater. But does it matter? NO. Wearing fancy outfits makes me feel my best, so the occasion or people surrounding me should not affect my decision to dress with confidence. Maybe wearing socks with sandals and baggy sweatpants are what make you feel confident. Alright then, you go girl! Just because it may seem unconventional, not stylish, overdressed, or underdressed, nothing should stop you from wearing what makes you feel great. 


This post is kind of sappy! I’m not usually into gooey posts, if you know what I mean (I like to make a lot of jokes instead) but I really do think it’s important to dress confidently and to dress for yourself. Do you have a piece in your closet that makes you feel incredible? What is it?? I’d love to know!

Thanks for stopping by today and have a great Wednesday. 🙂


Miles of smiles,



Crème Short Sleeve Sweater: hand-me-down // Black Pleather Skirt: Scout and Molly’s Boutique, $105 // Black Pleated Heels: Kelly and Katie via DSW, $40 // Red Sparkly Scarf: unknown, $20 // Kate Spade Look-A-Like Purse: gift; Envy Boutique

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