Ultra Violet

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As some of you may or may not know, Ultra Violet was named the Pantone Color of the Year for 2018. And if you don’t know what “Pantone Color of the Year” means, I’m pretty sure it’s just some color that fancy fashion people pick to be trendy throughout the year. Last year one of the Pantone Colors was Millennial Pink (blush or baby pink), which you probably noticed was very popular. Purple on the other hand? I find purple pretty hard to style, especially a shade as bright as Ultra Violet. Nonetheless, I took it as a challenge.


I don’t own a lot of purple to begin with, but I knew I wanted to wear this dress to celebrate the new color of the year. I have a funny story behind this dress, actually. A couple of years ago, I roped my friends into doing a scavenger hunt with me around our city. I love puzzles and especially scavenger hunts, but my friends weren’t quite as excited as me. The instructions said there would be a costume contest, so my friends and I dressed as the Scooby Doo gang! I bought this purple dress for my red-headed friend to wear, along with one of my green scarves and a pair of pink tights. She was Daphne, obviously. Unfortunately, we didn’t win the costume contest…The scavenger hunt was hosted by an education center, so the teacher team who hosted the event ended up winning. We were robbed. I’m not bitter or anything.

😉 Anyway, I know purple isn’t for everyone, but there are still some fun ways to try out this new color. One way I always love to test a color is with nail polish. It’s an easy, cheap way to see if you like Ultra Violet. Another option is a scarf or a piece of jewelry. These relatively small items can give you a taste of the color without going all out. Something else to try, which may sound kind of weird, is buying purple underwear or bras. You’re the only person who will see the color, so you can test it out without committing to it in public.

And if Ultra Violet is just too ultra for you, try a more subtle lavender shade or a dark eggplant. These are less bold and make for really pretty shades in the spring.


You may have wondered why I wore black tights in some of these pictures and not in others. I first tried to photograph this outfit the other day, without tights, but I didn’t like how the images looked. This dress is a little short, and I thought it looked unflattering on my thighs (see the above picture). This may have just been how I stood, but I think the hem of the dress hit at an awkward position on my legs. The next time I took these photos, I wore black tights, and this seemed to fix the problem! Tights are a great little trick if you feel insecure about your legs or that a skirt/dress just isn’t working quite right.

Thanks for stopping by today! I hope you all are enjoying a nice day off (hopefully). Do you like purple, and would you ever wear Ultra Violet?


Miles of smiles,


Purple T-Shirt Dress: Amazon, $20 // Black Tights: Nordstrom Rack, $10 // Black Quilt Boots: Nordstrom Rack, $40 // Black Flower Belt: Charming Charlie, $10 // Black Patent Purse: hand-me-down 

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