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WARNING: AWKWARD EXTREME CLOSE-UPS BELOW. Today it’s alllll about the lips, and I’m reviewing four Elizabeth Arden lip glosses for y’all. As much as I hate pictures of just my mouth (you can seriously see every chin and upper lip whisker), I have to keep it real for y’all to deliver a good review. 😉 I got this little lip gloss set for Christmas, and after having some time to test them out, I’m ready to share my findings!


All four of these colors come in matching containers, and they’re the perfect size for slipping into your pocket or purse. They also came in this little black bag (see first picture). There is a pocket attached to the “window” of the bag, specifically for these four glosses, but there is also an additional compartment that’s much bigger. I have been using the extra space to store my other lip glosses so that all my mouth makeup is in one place. The four colors and their reviews are listed below: Red Door Red, Dulce, Precious Petal, and Passion Fruit. This exact gift set is available for purchase on Elizabeth Arden’s website. Now let’s get started!

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Red Door Red

I tried this pretty red shade first, which appeared in my New Year’s resolutions blog post. I’ve tried similar lip sets before with red shades, but I was pleasantly surprised to find this one had the most pigment. I like that it adds a red tint to your lips—perfect to spice up an outfit—but it’s not too bold as a full-on red lipstick. This gloss is a great transition item if you want to work your way up to bolder lip colors. I almost wish it had even more red in it, but I guess I’ll just have to start using lip-sticks for that! Nonetheless, this red color is really pretty and perfectly shiny. It also goes well with a lot of outfits.

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I was surprised to like this gloss as much as I do. Looking at it in the bottle, it just looks like a weird brown sparkly shade, which seems like a peculiar color to put on your lips. Well, it turns out, brown looks great! The subtle tint plays up your natural lip color and adds the perfect amount of sheen. Dulce seems less shiny compared to Red Door Red, but it’s sparkly, unlike the red gloss. This shade is perfect for everyday wear if you want more of a natural, soft look. It pairs especially well with neutral outfits, as seen in my post about clip-on earrings. However, this shade does seem to dry out quicker and not last as long as the other glosses.


Precious Petal

This is your classic lip gloss—a simple, shiny, clear color. Precious Petal appears nude in the bottle, but it goes on mostly clear with sparkles. This shade doesn’t add any color to your lips or make them stand out. It only adds a nice shine. Precious Petal really does go with any outfit, and it’s the kind you’d want to keep in your purse all the time, since it’s a classic sheen. This gloss is probably my least favorite of the set, just because if I’m going to bother putting on lip gloss, I want it to have a little bit of color. With that said, I do think this would be the perfect option for a fancy night out where you wear a lot of eye makeup. You want to balance the face with a neutral lip, and this is just the right sparkle necessary to let your eyes be the showstopper. I’m wearing Precious Petal in the first two photos of this post.

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Passion Fruit

This pink gloss has the most color by far out of this set. Right when you put it on, it instantly colors your lips bright pink and seems more opaque than the other shades. At first I couldn’t tell if I liked this color. It’s a very bright shade of pink, not a natural rose or blush color, and I felt a little sheepish when I first wore it to school. It just seemed so bright! After a second wear for Valentine’s Day (as seen in my edgy Valentine’s Day post), the color grew on me. I think you just have to get used to the bright shade. Although, these photos don’t do it justice. Only the third picture captures the boldness of this gloss. This color lasts the longest; the first time I wore it, my lips still looked pink by the end of the school day without reapplying. That’s pretty good for a gloss! The only issue with this shade is your teeth—bright colors on your lips can make your teeth appear more yellow. I was worried about this, but after seeing these pictures, I don’t think the yellowing effect was too bad. Either way, it’s time for my next whitening set!

Pic 17PIc 21Maker:L,Date:2017-9-22,Ver:5,Lens:Kan03,Act:Kan02,E-Y

Overall, I like these glosses. Unlike some other lip gloss sets I’ve tried, these colors actually look different when applied to your lips (so often I feel like lip gloss all just looks the same, despite what “color” it is). These glosses didn’t really dry out my lips like some lip product can, but they also didn’t moisturize them either. Anyway, I would recommend this set if you’re looking for some simple colors to elevate your lip game!

Do you wear product on your lips? If so, what kind? Have a great weekend!


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