Clip-On Earrings: Fashion Forward or Faux Pas?



That is the question…Are clip-on earrings too young? Too child-like? Not stylish? As someone who does not have her ears pierced, I occasionally like to dabble in fake ear adornments. Today, I’m exploring whether this is a huge fashion no-no or a look accepted by the fashion police. 😉


I have found that clip-on earrings can be fashionable, in moderation. As a fashionista, you probably don’t want to look young in the sense of immaturity or like you just raided your mother’s closet. Since clip-on earrings are often something we used from our dress-up box as young girls, they can seem a little out of place in our adult wardrobes.

There’s no doubt about it—some false earrings are just too cheap and fake looking. The design and method of attachment really do make a difference in whether or not this style is a faux pas. For example, this pair from Amazon isn’t very stylish. The earrings themselves are cute, but the clip-on attachment is very obviously seen when worn. You don’t want the little rubber balls or clip showing on your ear lobe—that’s when it gets cheap looking. Most often, I’ve found that dangly earrings show the mechanism used to attached them to your ear. If you’re going to try clip-on earrings, I recommend sticking with studs.

The earrings I’m wearing in today’s post look super realistic. Rather than little rubber platforms or metal balls, the earring itself opens up to wrap around the ear lobe, so they look real from both the front and back. This pair is old from Charming Charlie, but here are a few others.

I usually also wear my hair down when accessorizing with clip-ons. Whether that be a low bun or completely down with the sides pinned back, I feel like the closer your hair is to your ears, the more realistic the earrings appear. Does that make sense? If you put your hair in a high bun, it’s harder to hide the fact that the earrings are fake. 

Ultimately, I declare clip-on earrings Fashion Forward (not that my opinion makes a difference in the fashion world, haha). If not for your ears, they can at least accessorize collars, shoes, and purses.


While I love a little ear glam every now and again, clip-on earrings always start to hurt after an hour or two of wear! Do you ever wear fake earrings? Do you have any tips for making them hurt less? Leave a comment below, and have a great Monday!


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Old Fashioned Crème Lace Blouse: H&M, $30 // Olive Pleather Fashion Coat: Kohl’s, $50, super old but debut on the blog // Olive Skirt: Nordstrom Rack, $25, debut on the blog // Beige Sparkly Flats: Nordstrom Rack, $40 // Green Clutch: vintage hand-me-down // Gold Clip-On Earrings: Charming Charlie


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