Pink and Red, Enough Said


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Because Valentine’s Day is right around the corner, I wanted to share my favorite pink and red outfits from the past with y’all. Despite loving these two colors, I’ve realized I don’t actually own a ton of pink or red! I’ll have to get on that. 😉 Anyway, a lot of these photos are from really old blog posts, so the quality isn’t that great. I’ll also be sharing two additional Valentine’s Day outfits in the coming weeks! Enjoy this round-up. 🙂

This first pic would be the perfect lazy Valentine’s outfit for a night spent single on the couch, watching rom-coms and eating ice cream. Good stuff. (The original post was all about why you should buy a quilted vest.)

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If you’re not really a hot pink or fire-engine red kind of gal, a milder salmon tone could do just the trick! This post talked all about different ways to wear this pretty coral shade.

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Have a nice job? This trouser and blouse combo could be the perfect outfit for the office. Check out more of this red post and bedazzled shoes.

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Pink shorts and sandals in the winter time?! Obviously, no. But this outfit could easily be modified with some pink trousers or skinny jeans. I love the bold combo of hot pink and black together.

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Again, shorts aren’t the best idea. But you can’t get classier than a red button down and matching cherry-red shoes. Need some ideas for decorating your collared blouses?

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If you want a trendy (yet still unique) V-Day look, opt for blush instead of regular pink. It’s out of the box and more subtle in a very stylish way.

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This sassy red sweater and leopard combo is one of my favorites from this post. Going shopping for the upcoming spring season? You need this transitional piece in your closet.

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Comfy, casual, and cute? This sweater and palazzo pant look is perfect for all three Cs. Plus, I share some tips for transitioning your summer pants to the fall and winter.

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I think this chic outfit would be adorable for a moderately nice dinner out. Not to mention, it’s one of the warmer looks as well! Here’s why you need to incorporate more color into your wardrobe this winter.

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This blush and black outfit was my Valentine’s Day post from last year! I thought the subtle pink and black lace was pretty, but this year I want something a little bolder.

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If you’re having a really fancy night out, this sparkly dark red dress is perfect for the occasion. I wore this to my artist showcase last spring!

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Back to this pink sweater…Clearly I have a thing for pink and black. 🙂 Swap out the lilies for roses from bae and you’re good to go. Except, only after reading my tips for dressing for spring when it’s still cold outside. 😉

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Another trendy alternative to traditional pink and red…maroon! This is one of my favorite colors and so versatile. If you want to rock a plaid skirt similar to mine but have been nervous to try, here are some tips. 🙂

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Going bold with an interesting color combo. Again, maroon can’t be beat, especially when paired with rich brown tones and a vibrant statement necklace. If you could see me right now, I’m nodding my head with my hand in the perfection symbol.

I hope this got some ideas flowing for what you’ll be wearing on the special day of love. Ew, it sounds weird when I say it like that. Anyway, have a super awesome weekend! Which outfit would you like to wear for Valentine’s Day?

Also, just wondering, did all of the links in this post and the way I introduced them sound smarmy/like a salesperson? I thought I’d try something new other than just saying “Read the original post here.” Thoughts?


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    1. Thank you! It’s definitely my most-worn purse. And I love the plaid skirt too! It’s so stylish but also something I wouldn’t usually go for. Have a nice day!

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