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Here we are…back at Monday again. Why do the weekends always end so quickly?! After my trip to San Diego at the beginning of January and with spring break in a few months, I’ve got travel on my mind. Today I wanted to share a cute and comfy outfit perfect for long rides on airplanes and those pesky layovers. I have some serious wanderlust right now!


In my opinion, one of the hardest things to pack is jeans. As you may know from my Pack Like A Pro blog post, I prefer to roll my clothes when I pack them. But no matter how I fold jeans, they always take up so much space and get in the way. That’s why I chose just to wear them. Plus, jeans are comfy in a way that’s still appropriate for the outside world (unlike leggings, hehe).

These photos were taken on the way back from San Diego, which meant we were coming from 60 degrees to less than 30. Of course, that made my travel outfit a little more difficult to plan because I needed to take into consideration the weather of both locations. That’s why I chose a thicker t-shirt and a light anorak jacket. The t-shirt kept me cool enough while in San Diego, and the anorak provided just enough warm to get from the airport to our car after touching down back home. (I always take a light layer on planes since they’re so chilly all the time!)

As for hair, I decided to do two French braids. I hate leaving my hair down on planes, or down in general, and low braids were really the only other option. Ponytails and buns don’t work while traveling because then you can’t rest your head back (or nap). Yes, these are the things I think about the night before a flight. 😉

For shoes, I spiced up the outfit with a little pattern mixing and slight grunge feel with my new rain booties. Not only did I think they looked cute with this outfit, but they also took up a lot of space in my suitcase, so it just made it easier to wear them. Although, I wore thick socks with them, underneath my jeans, which was not a good choice. The socks combined with the cuffed pants made my legs look short and cankle-like. Ah well. You live and you learn. 🙂 Seeing photos of my outfits always help me understand what’s unflattering!


Would you wear this outfit for a day of travel? Or do you have a go-to look for the airport? I’d love to know in the comments! Have a great Monday. 🙂


Miles of smiles,



Floral T-Shirt: JCPenney, $18 // Tan Anorak Jacket: JCPenney, $30 // Skinny Jeans: A.N.A. via JCPenney, $25 // Leopard Rain Booties: Ralph Lauren via Macy’s, $60, buy here

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