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Made it to Friday! I’m sure for all of you already back at school or work, it feels pretty nice to enter the weekend. I go back to school on Tuesday, and boy…I *can* wait. On the other hand, even though it’s hard to return to the craziness and stress of high school, I do always enjoy seeing my friends and readjusting to a routine. But today’s post is not about that–it’s really all about this fabulous coat.

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The only thing I wanted for Christmas was a new coat—one that would be stylish yet warm, could be worn with everything, and could be layered over fancy dresses for events like my upcoming winter formal. This Via Spiga coat from Macy’s delivers on all fronts. While it is incredibly fashionable with the faux fur collar and pleather detailing, it is also very warm and the perfect thickness. Not to mention, the classic camel color is a neutral and will go with so much during the winter and into the spring.

Though I have wanted one for a while, I have never actually owned a long coat before. I love the length of this one because it a) keeps you even warmer and b) really elevates the style of the coat. All of the beautiful detailing makes me feel like a movie star, and I can’t wait to wear this over a fancy dress for an elegant night out!

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There is only one problem with this fabulous coat…the price. Even on sale, it’s expensive and far more than I have ever spent on an item before. If you have been following Graceful Rags for a long time, you know that I am a very savvy shopper and all about getting my money’s worth out of an item.

However, it’s actually because of this quality that I’m okay with the price of this coat. I know that the coat is very well made and will last me for many years to come, both because I am careful with my clothes and because the style is so classic. I also know that I will get a lot of wear out of this coat. Yes, it’s very fancy and sophisticated, but that’s generally my style. It gets pretty cold where I live (have you noticed the snow on the ground in the last few posts?) and I feel confident that I will wear this item a lot. Spending money is hard, especially when it’s on clothes, but sometimes I do feel like it’s worth it.

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What do you think of this beautiful coat? Would you wear it, or are you more of a puffer coat kind of person? I’d love to know!

Have a wonderful weekend. 🙂


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Camel Faux Fur Coat: Via Spiga via Macy’s, $240, available to buy on sale // Brown Pattern Dress: Charming Charlie, $40 // Leopard Flats: Target, $20

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