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As the holiday season approaches, I wanted to begin sharing festive outfits that are still practical. Today, I’m talking about possible outfits for the get-togethers you host at your own home. I know in my friend group, I’m generally the one who hosts parties, so this post is particularly useful for all you hostesses out there. You may think an outfit for this very particular occasion would be easy to create, but I actually put a lot of thought into it!

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Before I dive into this outfit, I would like to talk about photography for a bit. Taking these photos yesterday really frustrated me—as you well know, I am not a photographer. I cannot figure out how my camera works and why some photos turn out great while others are dark or blurry. I had a vision in my head of cute indoor Christmas photos for this post, but they did not turn out. Very rarely do the photos I imagine become reality. So anyway, I just thought you should know that…While I wanted all of these photos inside to fit the theme of a house party, I figured I better take some outside too to try and get better lighting. Also, for whatever reason, my lip gloss looked worn and uneven in some of the pics, but I think that’s just the way the light hit it; I can assure you the red color was even and well-applied in real life. 😉

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Okay, so now that I have that out of the way and will hopefully take some photography classes soon, we can get into the meat of this blog post: what to wear to a party at your own house. There are a few things to consider when picking this outfit: Will you be cooking? Will you be playing games? Is your house generally hot or cold? Do you wear shoes in your house or not?

When I host parties, I know that I’m always running around and serving people, so I picked a thin blouse (I get hot really easily). However, it’s also winter and the house gets chilly, so the long sleeves provide just enough warmth. I spend time in the kitchen as well, so the dark grey color leaves room for error, if an unfortunate spill were to happen.

I picked pants to go with my top—instead of a fancier skirt/dress—because I like to get comfortable in my home. And that means sitting cross legged while playing games, lying on the floor in front of the TV, and being in any other position that would not combine well with a skirt, if you know what I’m saying. 😉

Finally, something VERY important to think about: feet. Let’s face it, feet are pretty ugly and weird. So how will you keep them from scaring away your guests? We don’t wear shoes in my house, so that means wearing socks or hoping your feet aren’t that strange looking. I chose to wear these black and white knee socks last seen in Monday’s sock round-up. I thought the grey and black colors looked cute with my outfit and the interesting pattern added a fun detail to the look. Obviously, skirts/dresses are better for showcasing a cute pair of socks, but I opted for the comfort of pants over style. If you don’t have cute socks, you can always paint your toenails in a festive color like Red-y to Glow by Sally Hansen.

I finished this look with some holiday accessories—a candy cane bracelet, snowflake earrings, pretty curls (I got my hair trimmed on Monday), and a bold red lip. Of course, every holiday outfit needs a little bit of sparkle!

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I hope you liked this post today! I enjoyed putting a lot of thought into the perfect cozy holiday outfit for at-home. What do you like to wear when you invite people over? I’d love to know in the comments!


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Sparkly Grey Blouse: H&M, $18, super old but debut on the blog // Black Pants with Zippers: JCPenney, $25, not new but also the first time on the blog // Black and White Knee Socks: unknown, $12


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