Preparing for the Food Baby


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Thanksgiving is tomorrow (duh)—but are you ready to eat a ton? Do you have your stretchy outfit planned yet? Fear not, I have some ideas for you… And apparently some squinty eyes as well because that sun was shining bright. 😉

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For my outfit, I layered a cropped sweater over a cotton black tank dress. The cropped sweater (as opposed to a normal one) adds the illusion of longer legs instead of cutting your body in half. Plus, sweaters are super cozy and can cover a lot. 😉 The dress underneath has an elastic waistband, but other than that, it’s just like wearing a huge t-shirt. I actually did pre-approve this outfit for food baby maternity wear—I went to Café Rio with my friends last week, ate a ton of food, and scarfed it down way too fast. Needless to say, I did not feel great afterwards, but this outfit covered it all up! Haha.

So what should you wear for the big meal tomorrow? I recommend loose-fitting dresses because then you don’t have to worry about waistlines. There’s nothing worse than wearing your favorite pants and then having the zipper and button dig into your stomach. However, cute palazzo pants would make a good exception because they’re loose-fitting and basically pajamas. I also considered wearing a pretty maxi skirt, which flows and has plenty of space.

I hope you all have a wonderful Thanksgiving spent with family and friends! I’m so grateful for all of you and my followers—I have 113 now. It has been so exciting watching my blog grow in the past few months and I absolutely love creating content here. If there are any specific posts you would like to see in the coming weeks, please feel free to leave me a comment!

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See you Friday and happy Thanksgiving!


Miles of smiles,


Grey Cropped Sweater: hand-me-down // Blue Polka Dot Socks: Target, $5 // Black Tank Dress: hand-me-down // Blue Booties: White Mountain via DSW, $42 // Blue Purse


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