Denim in the Winter Time


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I think it’s a common misconception that denim jackets can only be worn in the spring and summer. Sure, they look really cute in those seasons, but why not wear them in the fall and winter as well? Today I’m writing to convince you that you SHOULD rock your jean jacket even as the weather gets colder. And if you don’t already have this staple piece, here are a bunch of ways to style a denim jacket, in case you needed convincing. 🙂

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The best way to wear your denim in the colder months is to pair it with darker shades. My outfit is mostly black, but other winter colors like navy, maroon, and emerald green would work as well. Avoid a lot of white or bright colors, like canary yellow, which are traditionally associated with summer.

Another thing to try is wearing colder weather styles with your jacket, such as turtle necks (or mock-necks, like my top), sweaters, tall boots, knee socks (I love the fun stripe on these ones), and scarves. I would absolutely avoid wearing sandals—that would be silly in the cold anyways—and even opt out of wearing flats, unless they are in dark neutral colors or a fall print like leopard. While flats are generally a season-less accessory, pairing them with denim jackets can give more of a spring vibe. Boots or booties are your best bet.

Consider fabrics as well. Most likely, if you followed the two steps above, your clothing pieces will already have thicker, winter appropriate fabrics. Pairing a denim jacket with a cotton dress can make it feel more like summer and like you’re “forcing” year-round wear when instead you should be “owning” it.

I wore this outfit to school a few weeks ago, but it would be super cute for a coffee date or going out to dinner.

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I hope you found this post helpful! I’m off to school now and get to go off campus for lunch today—I’m pretty excited. 🙂 Have a wonderful Wednesday! And stay tuned for some awesome Thanksgiving themed posts in the upcoming week.


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Black Mock-neck Blouse: Arizona via JCPenney, $11 // Jean Jacket: JCPenney, bought on sale for $19 // Black Printed Skirt: Nordstrom Rack, $27 // Black Striped Knee Socks: unknown, $12 // Black Quilted Boots: Nordstrom Rack, $40

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