Retro Vibes: The Head Scarf

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Over the summer, head scarves BOOMED in popularity, and I often saw them worn on other bloggers with pretty shift dresses, with big round sunglasses, and on the coast of Italy or something like that. Obviously, I’m not going to share a pretty Italian background with y’all…though I would like that. 😉 I AM going to show you how you can transition a head scarf into the fall, or, if you’re new to this and thought scarves were only for your neck, then I’ll show you just how to wear one in general. 🙂

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There are a lot of different ways to wear a scarf in your hair and be super on trend, but the most important part is picking the right scarf. It has to be made from a light, flowy material like chiffon or silk. A big ole’ knit blanket scarf obviously is going to look funny in your hair. The goal is to find one that isn’t bulky and is relatively thin across; if the scarf were too wide, you’d have to fold it a couple of times and then it’d just look weird sitting on your head.

Once you find the perfect scarf, decide how you want to style it! You can wear it as a headband with the excess tied on the side, like I did. You could also tie it in a bow around a bun, intertwine it into a side braid, or bring it over your ears and knot it in a cool way to use it as ear warmers. For this look, I decided to just do the classic headband style to play up the retro vibes of my patterned shift dress. I think it would have looked a little better if my hair were longer than the excess scarf, but you get the point. 😉 I think it’s really pretty when you pull all your hair to one side and let the scarf hang on the other!

If you’re a little timid about trying a head scarf or don’t want so much attention up at your face, try one like mine that is a neutral color or one that is close to your hair color. That way you can try out this style without investing fully in some crazy scarf you might never wear again. On the other hand, if you’re feeling bold, you CAN try something a little crazy—fun patterns and colors—to really spice up your outfit. I wore this watercolor scarf in my hair wrapped around a bun once!

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Thanks so much for stopping by today! I hope you enjoyed this post and I’d LOVE to know if you’ve ever worn a head scarf. See you Friday. 🙂


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Printed Shift Dress: JCPenney, $30, debut on the blog // Orange Ballet Flats: DSW, $13 // Brown Scarf: unknown, was a hand-me-down


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