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Hi! I’m SO excited for today’s blog post!!! As you may or may not know, I LOVE costumes, so naturally, I love Halloween. Last year I shared two costumes on the blog, a goth look and a Flapper girl outfit, and this year I want to share even more. Initially I hoped to post a different costume for each Monday in the month of October, but I kind of missed that mark sooo…I’ll be sharing today’s outfit and two additional costumes in the coming weeks before Halloween. Stay tuned for perfectly fashionable costume inspiration that you *may* already have in your closet. All about that reuse, amirite?

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For what seems like forever, I’ve wanted to attend a masquerade. And no, I don’t want this to be interpreted as some naughty Fifty Shades of Grey thing…This was long before that nonsense. I just love masks, and the idea of dressing up and acting all mysterious for a night sounds so fun! But of course, it’s not like there’s a ton of masquerade balls out there to attend…So I have to make do. Thank goodness for Halloween!

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All the costumes I’ll be sharing this season are perfect for any fashionista, and most of the items are hopefully ones you can find in your closet already. For this jester outfit, it’s great for two things: wearing that masquerade mask you’ve never used AND reusing an old homecoming/formal dress. I know not everyone just has a mask lying around, but I kind of collect them (remember my Puerto Rican coconut shell mask?). You can easily get a little crafty and make a pretty mask on one of those blank paper mache masks from Michael’s if you don’t have one. I have also done that before. 😉 Plus if you make your own, you can match it exactly to your dress!

The other perfect thing about this costume is that you get to dress up and be all fancy! I love dressing up, but I basically only do it twice a year: homecoming and prom. This costume lets you reuse one of those really-pretty-but-hardly-worn dresses in the back of your closet. My sparkly red dress matches exactly with my jester mask!

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While I may not be wearing this outfit to a masquerade any time soon, it might just be the perfect thing for a Halloween party. 🙂 I hope you enjoyed this first costume of the year! I certainly LOVED taking these photos. See you Wednesday!


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Red Sparkly Dress: JCPenney, $35 on major discount last year // Jester Mask: Pier One Imports, gift // Gold High Heel Shoes: hand-me-down from my super fashionable grandma, début on the blog

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