The Most Fashionable Shows on TV


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What’s shakin’ bacon?? How are you doing on this finnne Wednesday? If you love binge watching TV shows and you love fashion (hopefully you do if you’re on this site!) then this blog post is definitely for you. I’m talking about the five best girly shows to watch if you LOVE fashion and getting inspo from places other than Pinterest. 😉

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Here we GO! Five awesome and super stylish TV shows to watch right now:

  • “Gossip Girl.” Okay, so I’ve never actually seen this show, but it’s definitely on my to-watch list and I feel like it’s kind of iconic. I’ve been hearing about it and seeing it on Pinterest for ages now. From what I can tell, this show exudes a preppy style with lots of knee socks and sassy miniskirts that are supposed to pass as school appropriate. The other day I was wearing this navy skirt with a sparkly headband and blue fats, and someone actually told me I looked like Blair Waldorf! Haha. Glad I understood the reference. 😉
  • “New Girl.” Again, I haven’t gotten the chance to watch this show yet either but I did used to see a lot of commercials for it. Zoe DesChanel’s style is cute and kinda quirky, just the way I like it.
  • “Scream Queens.” This show is worth watching for the closet scenes alone. A bunch of snooty girls live in a sorority together, but they have the most amazing library, basically, of designer clothes and shoes. Sigh, it’s so pretty. It’s also really fun to see all the crazy pink and girly outfits in this show! The Chanels (the characters) sure love their pink, pastels, and fur. And strange see-through mid-calf socks. Anyone who’s seen the show and knows what I’m talking about, what are up with those??
  • “The Mindy Project.” This used to be my favorite show, but the later seasons aren’t nearly as good…Anyway, the fashion is super fun throughout all the seasons! Mindy is known for her Chanel bags and Kendra Scott earrings, but what I love most about the show is how colorful her style is! Mindy is so bold and pairs crazy colors/pieces together. Sometimes it works and sometimes…I don’t know…After watching the show, I always crave super colorful items!
  • “The Bold Type.” This show aired this past summer and I really liked it. It’s pretty political though, and super inappropriate at times, but whatever—the fashion was good. 🙂 Three twenty-something girls work at a fashion magazine and have this super cool closet at their disposal at all times. Talk about dream job! Anyways, they always wear super trendy stuff—some of it I liked, some of it not so much, but either way it was fun to see.

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What did you think of today’s post?? I had a fun time writing it. 🙂 I’m sure I forgot some stylish shows, so shoot me a comment if you think of another! Also, do you watch any of these series? Today’s outfit was inspired by “Scream Queens,” with its sparkles and pastels and girly-ness.

Have a great rest of your day, and thanks a ton for stopping by!


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Cardigan: Nordstrom, $30, debut on the blog // Pinstripe Fit-and-Flare Dress: Elle via Kohl’s, $40 // Sparkly Beige Flats: Nordstrom Rack, $40 // Black Bow Belt: Charming Charlie, $10

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