B2S Series: Sick of Collars Yet?


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Alright alright, I know I’ve been talking about collars for a long time now…BUT I feel like this series wouldn’t be complete without a post about ways to look like you’re wearing a collar—so basically, how to cheat my dress code. 🙂 Important stuff here. In all seriousness though, even if you don’t have to wear collars like me, these tips can still help you look polished and dressier for everyday school or work. Let’s get started!

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[This is an Ernest Exposed post. I have to tell you that Ernest the Elephant is hiding in the first picture though because I could hardly find him myself…]

Collar Necklaces. You’ve probably seen at least one of these necklaces before…They look like little metal collars! They’re actually pretty cute—you can check out a few here, here, and here—and they are THE perfect fake collar cover up. Not nearly as constricting as a collar but still convincing.

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Scarves. The oldest trick in the book… 😉 Throw a scarf on top of your totally out-of-dress code t-shirt and most people won’t even realize you’re not actually wearing a collar. In the winter, a chunky knit scarf will double for keeping you warm, but even in the warmer months, a gauzy scarf made of chiffon or a similar material would look cute tied in a bow.

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Hair Down. If you have longer hair, then just wear it down! Let those tresses do the work for you and cover up the non-existent collar. Just make sure not to pull your hair completely onto your back and reveal your little secret.

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Statement Necklaces. Guys I know, I’m slightly obsessed with statement necklaces…but like in these pictures, a big, sparkly, bold necklace can distract from a simple blouse. I recommend a top that has a higher neckline and is more form-fitting. You’re trying to create the illusion that the necklace IS the collar.

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Jackets. And of course, you can just throw on a jacket. A bomber, military jacket, or anorak (even a vest!) are all perfect layers that will cover up a collar-less blouse.

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Oh my gosh look!! Haha, I wore this outfit to a shark exhibit (more on that to come?) and then to buy new running shoes, which was slightly weird, I admit. I was highly overdressed.

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This concludes my Back to School Series, but before we end, I want to give you a piece of back to school advice. It’s called SLANT and will get most any teacher to like you. It stands for SIT up, LEAN forward, ASK one good question a day, NOD your head in reply, and THANK the teacher when you leave the classroom. Who cares if people call you a goody two-shoes, having good relationships with your teachers is crucial for success. If a teacher hates you, it won’t be fun for anyone! And your grade could really suffer… So just be respectful.

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This picture cracks me up so much. I’m trying to look like that metal heron. If you missed the rest of this series, you can read my other B2S posts here, here, here, here, and here. Have a fantastic Friday and weekend! All you hard working students deserve it. 🙂

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Miles of smiles,



Shirt: Nordstrom Rack, $20, last seen here // Shorts: A.N.A. via JCPenney, $16, last seen here // Necklace: Francesca’s // Shoes: JCrew, $20, last seen here


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