B2S Series: School’s Out, Work Out


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Day 3 of my Back to School Series…Ah-werk out, wiggle wiggle wiggle wiggle wiggle, yah. Ok, it had to be done. But now that that’s over…Today is my first ever athletic wear post! This week is just full of firsts—if you missed my first videos/hairstyles, check them out here. Why are workout clothes included in my BTS Series, you ask? Because lots of girls play sports right after school (I do cross country in the fall) and since they’re in high school, they have to look spicy to impress all the boys. 😉

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I used to not care about what I looked like when I exercise. Actually, most days, I still don’t care. I figure, I haven’t washed my hair, I’m gonna get super sweaty in a few minutes, and I’m not trying to impress anyone, so why bother looking cute? Let me tell you why you SHOULD bother and share some fun tips for looking stylish, even when you’re sweating profusely.

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Looking cute can help with motivation. If you’re on a sports team after school, then most of the time you don’t get to decide if you want to go to practice that day—you have to go. BUT, you don’t have to enjoy it. I know I certainly don’t enjoy cross country on work out days (…any day?). But you still have to go. So why not enjoy the go? Haha those Charmin Ultra Strong commercials…Anyway, having cute workout gear and feeling sassy in your favorite shorts can actually help you enjoy your sport more. And perhaps score a Homecoming date, hmmm??? But seriously, I always feel more motivated if I’m wearing fun neon workout attire and find a strange neon green golf ball…By the way, my shirt isn’t actually this bright in person.

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But how can you look cute in athletic clothes? Without, of course, spending your life savings at Lulu Lemon?

Buy outfits when you shop for athletic gear. When I go shopping, I either go with a specific piece in mind or I stumble upon cute items—I don’t buy entire outfits together. However, when it comes to workout attire, this is actually one of my biggest tips! Buying an entire outfit ensures that you’ll have shorts to match that crazy new tank and that you’ll have an even amount of bottoms and tops. Workout clothes are notorious for their fun colors (I love the loud prints because they get me more excited to work out), but those colors can also be really hard to match. That’s why you should just find the perfect pair right in the mall so you don’t have to worry about it once you get home.

Find some cute jewelry. Jewelry? While you run? I know it sounds kind of stupid, but I promise it’s not as impractical as it seems. I love to wear my running necklace when I—well, you know—when I run. It has a cute little running girl and a pendant that says, “Never Give Up.” Obviously don’t wear fancy jewelry, but sterling silver works well. Also, find a cute watch! It’s always good to know the time, even if you don’t need it for your workout. I like my watch a lot because it’s silver and seems more stylish than a black Velcro one. I linked up a very similar necklace and my exact watch at the bottom of this post.

Do the half-tuck. Why is it that work out shirts are always freakishly long?? I mean, I have a long torso as it is, so the fact that those shirts are even long for me is really saying something…To prevent looking like a total oompa loompa, half tuck your shirt into your shorts, like I did in this outfit. Or you can tie your shirt into a little not on the side (or secure it with a ponytail—throwback to the 2000s). I kind of combined the two methods and twisted my shirt into a little knot and then tucked that into my shorts.

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Hopefully now you have some ideas for looking cute while working out! You really have no excuses. Except for getting very sweaty. That’s a good excuse. Can you tell I sweat a lot when I work out? By the way, this post was photographed after a run, so it is authentic. 😉

Have a great Friday everyone, and enjoy your weekend. Talk to you on…ECLIPSE DAY! Dun dun dunnn…


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Top: JCPenney, $10, buy here for $8 // Shorts: Vital Outdoors in Golden, Colorado, $22, similar here for $12 and here for $10 // Necklace (similar) // Watch


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