B2S Series: Three 5-Minute Hairstyles for School


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Today is an exciting day, ladies!! Want to know why? It’s my FIRST hair tutorial and my FIRST videos for the blog. Yippee! I spent the last three hours making these and it is now exactly midnight, so let’s just cut to the chase, shall we? These videos are of three hairstyles that I actually wear and actually take five minutes or less (it might take you longer the first try, but I promise, they’re so quick once you get the hang of them!). I don’t know about you, but I cannot learn how to do a hairstyle just from writing and looking at pictures. I ride the struggle bus big time! So to prevent that ride, I’ve written directions AND provided the videos to show you. I hope you enjoy!

Hairstyle #1: The Double Twist Ponytail

Obviously I have no idea what to name these hair dos…

  1. Start with brushed hair. Duh. 😉 I like to do a deep side part, but a middle part would also work for this style.
  2. Take two chunks of hair at the front of your head on one side, and twist them once. Make sure the strand closest to your face goes on top.
  3. Add a bit of hair to each strand, and twist again.
  4. Continue twisting and grabbing hair until you reach the nape of your neck.
  5. Keep twisting, but stop adding new strands of hair.
  6. Awkwardly hold the hair twist in your mouth. ;D
  7. Repeat steps 2-4 on the other side.
  8. Being careful not to unravel either twist, grab the leftover hair (if there is any) and tie all of it—the leftovers and the two twists—into a ponytail. Voila! A preppy, more interesting version of the classic ponytail.

Hairstyle #2: The Floppy Bun

  1. Gather your hair into a high ponytail and tie it with your favorite hair tie.
  2. Loosen the hair tie and pull it away from your head, creating a bit of a hole in your hair.
  3. Jam out to some Ed Sheeran.
  4. Taking the end of your ponytail, pull it up above where the hair tie meets your head and then push it down through the space you created in Step 2. (That didn’t make much sense, so that’s why the video comes in handy.)
  5. Struggle with a cute hair clip for a minute or two, only to realize your hair is too thick for it. Find two bobby pins instead and pin the “end” of your ponytail to the back of your head.
  6. Fluff out your bun to your liking, and then pin the sides (the floppy parts) to your head with a bobby pin. This step is not shown in the video, but it’s necessary if you don’t want your bun to be lopsided like mine.
  7. Ta-da! Not your average bun. 😉

Hairstyle #3: The Side Braid Within a Braid

  1. Start with your hair in a deep side part.
  2. Take three strands of hair from the bigger side of your part, and start to French braid, making sure to only add hair to the strand closest to your face (rather than add hair on both sides).
  3. Continue braiding and grabbing hair from the front until you reach your ear. Stop adding hair but continue to do a regular braid all the way down. Tie with an elastic.
  4. Using your fingers, pull gently at the braid to loosen it up a bit.
  5. Try not to make weird, painful faces like I did.
  6. Taking all of your hair to the side, split it into three sections, including the tiny braid, and then do a normal braid.
  7. Tie with an elastic. I generally stop the side braid a little before the end so you don’t get any awkward fraying at the bottom.
  8. Pull apart the larger braid and do any necessary “messing up” to get that perfectly undone look.
  9. Revel at your gorgeous new do in the mirror, and check out more of the hairstyle in this post. 😉


What did you think of this post??? Would you like to see more hair tutorial videos in the future? Which hairstyle is your favorite? I’m suuuuper curious to hear your thoughts…

Have a fantastic Wednesday and thanks so much for stopping by!


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