Back to School Series: Go Ahead, Collar Me


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As much as it pains me to say this, it is that time of year again…the time for school to start. Early mornings, stressful tests, and heavy backpacks are all on the way. Ugh. But of course, there are a few up-sides—seeing your friends again, going back to school shopping…that’s honestly all I can think of right now, haha. Because it’s that time of the season, I’m kicking off my Back to School Series, so stay tuned in the next two weeks for posts about my morning routine, ways to look dress-code acceptable and stylish for school, and after-school workout gear inspiration.

With my first post, I’m rounding up 7 ways to wear a collared shirt. At my school, we have a dress code that requires us to wear “business casual” attire, which means collared shirts and no blue jeans. While I realize that most high school/college girls don’t have these restrictions in dressing, this post can still apply to you because A. wearing nicer clothes than sweatpants or baggy t-shirts can really improve your productivity and B. dressing professionally looks impressive to teachers and employers (if you’re doing an internship or entered your first job). So let’s get started with my favorite ways to rock a collar!

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Layer your shirt under a jacket. Whether it be a jean jacket, a military-style anorak, a blazer, or a bomber jacket (super trendy!), wearing your collar blouse underneath will add visual interest and distract from the collar, if you’re not super into that style (I certainly wasn’t at first). Check out the rest of these posts here, here, and here.

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Rock it with a sparkly statement necklace. I love bold jewelry, so this is probably my favorite way to wear a collared shirt. Wearing a big necklace underneath frames the jewelry and draws attention up towards your pretty face! Plus, I feel like there’s just something so satisfying about having a collar fold perfectly down over a necklace. Check out the two posts here and here.

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Tie it, knot it, polka dot it. A super sassy and stylish way to wear a collared button-down is to tie it in a knot in the front. I generally recommend leaving at least 2 (I usually do 3) buttons undone to allow room for maximum bow creation. This works best with thinner blouses! See it here and here.

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Accessorize. You can always just take a button-down and jazz it up with some fun accessories! Think patterned shoes (hello, leopard!), colorful bracelets, tassel earrings, and textured belts. See the whole outfit here.

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Wear the cuffed look like a pro. Throw down your collared shirt as a base layer and then top it off with a sweater (cropped ones work particularly well!). Roll up the sleeves two or three times, and you’ve got a preppy—and super warm—fall or winter look. The rest of the outfit is right over here-ah.

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Let it all hang out. Ok, please don’t let it all hang out. Especially not to school! I mean, I’d get dress coded—or collared (wink wink)—just for not wearing a collar, so uh, that other option would get me expelled. Yikes! But yah, try leaving your button down unbuttoned over your favorite cami. Throw on a cute scarf and you’re ready for fall. You saw it first here.

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In-vest-igate the style situation. Super cheesy, I know, but collared button downs, especially flannels, look super cute under quilted vests. You’ll look so stylish since vests are “in” right now, plus you’ll have an extra layer of warmth (and an extra layer of protection from the straps of your backpack that love to dig into your shoulders).


Does your school have a dress code? If so, what is it like? Would you ever or have you ever tried one of these style tips? Shoot me a comment below!

Have a great Monday and if you’re starting school today, good luck! I’m off to find some cute notebooks because you gotta find motivation somewhere…


Miles of smiles,



P.S. In regards to Monday’s Ernest Exposed post, he was hiding in the first picture to the left of where my right arm and the blouse sleeve intersect.

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  1. Very cute looks! Necklaces with collars look great, I will have to experiment with that style! Good luck at school!

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