Two Buns Up

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I decided I was finally ready to try the famed Miley Cyrus double-bun look. I’ve always thought it’s kind of cute (except not really on Miley…I like this pic and this one instead) but I never wanted to try it because it felt too young and costume-like. But here I am! Ready to share my thoughts on this hairstyle that is growing in popularity.

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First, I definitely felt kind of weird in two buns. This hairstyle reminds me of some sort of animal, maybe a panda bear? Honestly I have no idea, but it felt a little silly. My dad even said my hair made me look like a Swedish maid. I was determined to keep it in all day though!

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If you’re thinking of rocking this hairstyle but are a little intimidated like I was, then I’d definitely recommend wearing the buns lower on your head, like I did, or like in this super cute picture. The low buns are much less “in-your-face” than the super high ones.

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By the end of the day, I had a bad headache, but I think that’s just because the buns were too tight…I could totally make a joke right now but after talking about being careful online in last week’s post, I’ve thought better of it. Anyway, I think my hair would have turned out cuter if it were a bit looser all around. Everything was very flat and tight, but if the buns were “less formal” so to speak and there was some more volume on the top of my head, the hairstyle would have turned out better.

Pic 1Pic 13

Overall, I’d probably try the two-bun hairstyle again, but I think I’d stick with the low buns and try to make it more like this pic. I did like it with the headband and little bang twists though—I thought that was a nice touch!

Pic 7

About the outfit:

I wore this look to a lavender festival last weekend to walk around and explore. It was a good choice because the weather was super hot and the breeziness of this dress kept me cool. You’ve seen this dress before here and here, but in this look I wanted to bring out the subtle blue hues through my hairband and jewelry. What do you think?

Shop your closet:

This outfit is all about pulling one hue out of a busy print, so search through your closet and find your favorite printed dress, skirt, or shit (whoops, what a funny typo). Then from that pattern, pick out one color that you like or have accessories to match. Layer on some hair bands, ribbons, jewelry, purse, or shoes in that color, and you have a stinking cute outfit!


I hope you have a great Friday! Would you or have you tried this hairstyle? I’d love to know what you think of it in the comments below. 🙂


Miles of smiles,



Dress: Arizona via JCPenney, $25, last seen here // Shoes: Carlos Santana via DSW, $45, last seen here // Beaded Bracelet: $8 from Clementine Mercantile

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