4 Outfits for the 4th of July (Part 4)


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Yay, it’s Friday! Well technically for me, it’s still last Wednesday at 12:25 in the morning as I write this…but that’s beside the point. 😉 I’m pretty excited with this last outfit because I think the pics turned out really cute, and how sassy are those sunglasses?! They used to belong to my mom, but she recently gave them to me. While they are super fun (and on trend!), they’re unlike my other shades because I actually have to keep my eyes open in pics! Haha, there’s no hiding squinty or closed eyes in these bad boys.

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Where to Wear: This is the outfit to wear around your house (or a buddy’s house) on the night of the 4th. Most likely, I will be wearing this outfit because y’all know by now, I have no social life. 😉 I almost always stay home on the 4th (beat the crowds and crazy drivers) and just watch other people’s fireworks from the comfort of my home. 🙂 Livin’ the dream. In all honesty, I would probably just rock the tee, pants, and hair flower because who cares about the rest when you’re chillin’ on your couch? I definitely didn’t plan on wearing shoes with this outfit so just disregard the black sandals…I don’t think they really go with the outfit. :/

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Does anyone else have a specific t-shirt that they always wear for the 4th? I used to have this red tee with capped sleeves and a sequin blue and silver star right in the center that I would only ever wear on the holiday, and I wore it for at least 5 years straight. I finally had to replace it with this star tee, and the last time you saw it was in this post, which was my 4th of July outfit from last year.

PIc 6Pic 9

Shop Your Closet: Just wear your favorite tee! This look is all about being comfy, so kick back, relax, and enjoy the firework show.

Pic 5

Random fact about me: I used to be super into hair flowers. I would wear one every day. I think I liked them so much because they were the one way I could express my style when I had to wear a school uniform. They haven’t been worn in ages, but this red flower made the cutest edition to my outfit!

Have a fun and safe weekend! And yes, I probably sounded like your mother just then.


Miles of smiles,



Tee: A.N.A. via JCPenney, $16, last seen here // Pants: JCPenney, $30, last seen here // Shoes: Arturo Chiang via Dillard’s, $30, last seen here // Purse: borrowed // Bracelet: Clementine Urban Mercantile in downtown Bend, Oregon, $8


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