What Goes Around Comes Around: My Top Ten Countdown


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Isn’t it funny how things come back in style? The choker I’m wearing in this post, for example, was given to me by mom many years ago, along with a lot of other chokers she didn’t wear anymore. I never really wore them either, that is, until last year. Chokers became so popular again! And I already had a bunch lying around the house to experiment with.

So today, I thought I’d share my top 10 most popular trends right now that stem from past decades. Obviously, I am no expert, but I like to watch for trends and see what’s popular. Even though I don’t keep up with trends myself (too expensive and I don’t go shopping enough to buy them before they’re out of style again), I find it fun to search for all the items that the most stylish of people are sporting. So without further ado, my top 10 countdown, with basically all of the trends stemming from the 70s and 90s.

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Number 10: The Layered T-Shirt Dress. You probably know what I’m talking about—those spaghetti strap slip dresses with short sleeve t-shirts layered underneath. This look was really popular in the 90s, and honestly, I’m not quite sure why. While I don’t see a huge number of people wearing them, I do see a lot of these dresses while online shopping.

Number 9: Hair Scrunchies. Yes, you better believe that scrunchies are coming back. To be fair, I have never seen a blogger wear a scrunchy (is that how it’s spelled?), but this 80s hair style has been all over my high school (and I’m assuming other high schools too…maybe I’m completely wrong). I love scrunchies for lounging around the house because they’re easy on your hair, but for going out? I don’t know…

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Number 8: Platform Shoes. I’ve been seeing a lot of grunge platform sandals lately (kind of like these), and they’re getting even more popular in stores. While I think this 90s trend is cool-looking, I’m not sure I’d ever wear them myself.

Number 7: Neck Scarves. Bandannas and other scarves tied in a cute little knot around the neck have become a HUGE trend on social media, so why did I put it relatively low on the list? I don’t think the neck scarf look is very wearable. I have yet to try it (though I want to), but it seems like you have to be pretty confident and stylish to be able to rock the ascot style. Plus, I have only ever seen bloggers wear them—never an ordinary gal walking down the street.

Number 6: Jumpsuits. Ah, this 70s babe outfit. I think jumpsuits are so chic! I just haven’t bought one yet…I also feel like they’re unexpected. The idea of showing up to a party in a sparkly jumpsuit instead of a cocktail dress sounds so awesome to me. I even looked for a pretty jumpsuit to wear to prom, but I couldn’t find the perfect one.

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Number 5: Midi Dresses. I think this old-fashioned style dress is so pretty, but I’m just a little hesitant to wear one since I’m short. I definitely don’t want to look like an oompa-loompa! Midi dresses have been huge on bloggers and social media, but I don’t see a ton of women wearing them in real life—that’s why they only made number 5 on the list.

Number 4: Mules. I also think mules are cute, but again, I have never bought a pair. I linked up some super cheap ones at the bottom of this post that are really tempting! Is anyone else worried that you’ll make weird foot noises in these shoes when you walk since they don’t have a back? Or is it just me…Anyway, I’m not sure what decade mules are from, but I kind of feel like they’re a 90s thing because my Barbie dolls used to wear them. 🙂 I have seen mules on basically every blogger I follow, and I’ve even spotted quite a few pairs in person, so they made number 4 on my list.

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Number 3: The Bell-Sleeve Top. Bell sleeve tops have been everywhere the last few seasons, and they’re so pretty and feminine. I have tried a few on, but most of them didn’t fit right or the bells were just too big that they drove me crazy…But I still love the look of this 70s flower child flair!

Number 2: Chokers. I think chokers are great, in case you haven’t noticed (see me wearing one here, here, here, and here). The thing about jewelry is that it can fit anyone, it can be inexpensive, you never outgrow it, and it’s small to store so you can keep it forever (or at least until it comes back in style, wink wink). I know chokers are not for everyone, but they really are so easy to wear, unlike some of the other trends. The other thing I love about chokers is that there are so many styles that there seems to be something for almost everyone. Even my sweet friend who isn’t into the BA or grunge look wears a tightly fitted dainty chain necklace as a choker. Super cute!

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Number 1: Birkenstocks. Oh Birks. Personally, I have never been a fan of Birkenstocks. But they really are ALL THE RAGE. I wasn’t sure if I should put chokers or Birks as number one since I see so many people wearing both, but ultimately I chose the shoes because even guys wear them. They are everywhere and I don’t think I’ve ever been out without seeing at least one person wearing them. Even Birkenstock tans are a thing now. I’m not sure when these originated, but I know they’re from decades past. My Spanish teacher even told us once a few years ago, “I’m so excited that Birkenstocks are back in style! I found this old pair [points to her feet] in my closet and I can finally wear them again!” It was hilarious, and yes, she was rocking vintage Birks.

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I hope you enjoyed this fun little countdown! I linked up some trendy items in the slideshow above and hopefully if it works correctly, the pictures should be clickable…Let me know if you enjoyed this post in the comments as well as if there’s some trend that you’ve noticed reappear over the years. Have a wonderful Wednesday!

UPDATE**** The slideshow did not work (even though I spent the last four hours working on it). So, here are the links for the items: blouse, jumpsuit, shoes, white dress, colorful dress. If anyone knows how to make one of those clickable slideshows for shopping (on WordPress), your expertise would be VERY appreciated. Thanks so much!


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Oh by the way, I wore this outfit in Tacoma, Washington, to do a little shopping, run errands, and get dinner with some friends.

Dress: Arizona via JCPenney, $28 // Anorak: St. John’s Bay via JCPenney, $30, last seen here // Boots: DSW, $35, last seen here // Sunglasses: Icing, $16, last seen here


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