Denim for Days: Show Your Jean Jacket Some Love


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Ah, the denim jacket. For me, it is such a closet staple, and I think most of us can agree that it’s one of the easiest jackets to style. And let’s not forget to mention the versatility! Any item that can be worn in all four seasons is a definite win in my book…So today, in honor of the fabulous casual blazer, I’m rounding up my top 10 looks with a jean jacket and providing a few tips for how to style it in each season.


Let’s start with the summer looks, since that’s where we are right now. In the pic above, I used my denim jacket as the perfect cover-up for a more scandalous shirt, and it’s also a great, light-weight layer to carry around for when the AC is blasting in all of the buildings. See the full post here.

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Denim jackets are also great for a casual work environment or school. I remember wearing this look in August last year when I went back to school because I have a dress-code and can’t show my shoulders (Gasp! Shoulders are so sinful). Again, the ease and thinness of a jean jacket is the best way to cover those shoulders, look stylish, and still stay relatively cool. See the full post here.

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And of course, sometimes you choose to wear a denim layer because it is a slightly chilly summer day. Nothing wrong with that! In fact, it’s 60 and raining as I write this post. Denim is a great choice because it can keep you a little warmer and still look summery, unlike a thick-down coat in the middle of July, which would just be weird. Check out the full post here.

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I’ve said this so many times on the blog, but denim really is the best style tip, especially when you want to pair colors or styles that wouldn’t normally work together. That’s what I did here—the jacket breaks up the orange and black so it’s not in-your-face Halloween. It can open so many more possibilities of color combinations and outfits already in your closet! I used this tip another time to wear yellow and black together without looking like a bumble bee.

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Denim jackets also pair great with sleeveless shirts in the fall (like this mock-neck top) since they protect against that breezy weather but also allow you to strip it off when it gets too hot. See the rest of this outfit here.

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I love pairing my jacket over thinner sweaters in the winter. I think the layered look makes the outfit a lot more interesting, and it allows me to take off the jacket during the day when the heat inside is cranked. I always feel like my winter outfits are based around a statement coat, so I never want to take that coat off for fear of ruining the outfit. But usually it is just so hot inside at my school and I have to shed a layer. That’s why my denim jacket is so handy—it won’t ruin my outfit if I remove it, but it doesn’t take away from my outfit either. Does that make sense? Does anyone else ever feel this way? Check out this look here.

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I suppose this could work for any season, but structured jackets are perfect for “framing” necklaces. I love when layers of jewelry fall perfectly between an open jacket! It’s just so esthetically pleasing. See this post here.

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Sometimes, you just don’t have the right coat for an outfit. That’s how I felt in this dress. But it worked anyways, since I had denim on hand. I would argue that denim goes with ANYTHING. I truly believe that. So when in doubt, reach for the jean (my lame attempt at a slant rhyme), like I did in this post.

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Sometimes, you have a shirt that’s just too loud or in-your-face or colorful, and you’re just not feeling it. But perhaps, you haven’t done laundry in two weeks and it’s the only acceptable shirt you have to wear. Maybe this situation is a stretch, but I have definitely been here once or twice, and throwing on a jacket is the best way to dull down that crazy shirt of yours. See more of this look here.

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As I talked about in this post, I also love a denim jacket for dressing down items such as work dresses, fancy blouses, and even dress pants. You can’t get more casual than a medium or light wash denim.


So go find your denim jacket, girl! Show it some love because it clearly deserves some. They’re just so versatile and I honestly feel like I would only have half as many outfits without a staple jean jacket. Thanks for reading today and have a great Monday!


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Jean Jacket: JCPenney, $19


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  1. Despite wearing a denim jacket on the blog this very moment, I hardly ever wear them in general. I suppose I could blame the weather? Or be cheeky and claim that I have yet to find THE one, which is I’m driven to shop continuously GRIN

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