Month: May 2017

Being Honest

Pic 7

Hey, what’s shakin’ bacon? Well darn, now I want some bacon…Anyways, today I’m getting a little more serious in this blog post, despite the goofy intro. Read on, if you dare…Mwa haha ha ha… Continue reading “Being Honest”

Fountain Spray

Pic 2

Hey you! I’m just stopping by real quick because I want to get back to enjoying the day off. 🙂 But I first want to take a minute to thank all of those who have bravely fought and died in service to the U.S.A. as well as all of their families. Thank you for protecting our country. Continue reading “Fountain Spray”

Adding Some Edge

Pic 6

Yasss, this Cabi skirt is back for round two. Don’t you love it? I’m so smitten with how this outfit turned out, especially in pictures. The white flowers in the background are so pretty! Anyways, I wore this look to school a few weekends ago, but it’s perfect for low-key evening plans, going to a movie, getting lunch with the girls, etc. Continue reading “Adding Some Edge”