How to Make a Dress Versatile

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Happy Friday gals! We finally made it to the weekend. 🙂 I’ve found that dresses are almost always harder to make a lot of outfits from and they just seem naturally less versatile because they’re only one piece—you can’t mix and match a dress the way you can with a blouse or skirt. Would you ladies agree? As I mentioned in this post, there are ways to layer pieces over and under dresses, but what about in the summer when it’s too hot for layers? Or the dress you have is just a unique fabric/shape/cut/color that you can’t layer anything with it? That’s what today’s post is all about! There’s really one main thing you have to remember to make your dress feel different and new. Keep reading to find out that one tip. 😉

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And the one thing you have to remember when rewearing a dress…accessorize accessorize accessorize! This might seem pretty obvious, but it is so important. Pieces to choose differently to create a fresh look with an old dress include: sunglasses, hair clips, the way you style your hair (mine was up in this post but is down in today’s), purses, belts, jewelry, shoes, makeup, etc.

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Pick a different “theme”/accent color/vibe for your outfit. For instance, my “theme” in this post was pretty girly, and my accent color was mint. I’d say that my “theme” for today’s post is a little edgier and full of sparkles, and the accent color is orange. By simply changing my jewelry, purse, shoes, and hairstyle (and subtracting a jean jacket), the dress feels totally different.

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I wore this outfit while in Vegas, where it was warm enough for summer clothes. On this day I went to check out some hotels downtown and then go to a casual get-together. I love the little hearts on this dress. 🙂

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I hope you enjoyed this post and that you have a fantastic Easter weekend! Thanks for stopping by today.


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Dress: hand-me-down, last seen here, shop printed dresses here // Shoes: DSW, $40, last seen in Monday’s post, shop espadrilles here // Sunglasses: Icing, $16, last seen in Wednesday’s post // Purse: airport gift shop, $30, last seen here, cute beaded coin purse here

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