3 Tips for Adding Some Glam to a Collared Shirt

PIc 6

Hey ladies! I used to never like collared shirts, but I had to wear them every day as part of a dress code. After wearing them so much, I’ve grown to like these types of blouses, but it definitely helped to have some fun ways to jazz up a collar. So without further ado, three tips for adding some glam to your collared shirt. 🙂

Pic 1PIc 8

Layer with a statement necklace. I love doing this; you can see examples here, here, and here. It’s so easy to just fasten your favorite statement necklace on the tightest ring and tuck it beneath your collar so only a little peaks out. Instantly more chic!

Pic 5Pic 3

Use earrings. Have you ever seen someone pin stud earrings into her collar? Or use clip-on earrings on the corners of a collar? I’ve never actually tried this since I don’t have my ears pierced, but I think it’s really cute. You just want to make sure you use studs that are pretty flat and stable (no moving/dangling parts), as well as big enough so you can actually see them. Using earrings gives the same effect as a collar brooch, like I’m wearing in this outfit.

Pic 4Pic 10

Buy a collar brooch. Okay, so I don’t really know if that is what you call the jewels I’m wearing today, but that’s what I’m going to call them. Little collar pins that are attached in the middle are so old fashioned, which is partly why I love them. And they add the perfect touch of sparkle to your blouse! You could also just decorate your collar with normal broaches/pins, as long as they are pretty small.

Pic 2PIc 7Pic 9

My mouth isn’t actually touching the gargoyle in the above pic… Somehow the angle ended up perfect so it just looks like I am!

I wore this look to school, but it could be cute for a casual work environment. Or you could switch out the jacket for a blazer and be ready to take on a more professional work day like a total girl boss.

Hope you enjoyed these tips! I’m exciting to try some earrings on my collar one of these days…Let me know if you have ever used one of these ideas. 🙂


Miles of smiles,



Blouse: JCPenney, $20, similar here // Jean Jacket: JCPenney, $19, last seen here, similar here // Pants: JCPenney, $25, last seen here // Belt: last seen here // Shoes: DSW, $40, last seen here, super cute here // Collar Jewels: gift, Amazon, last seen here, shop similar options here

4 thoughts on “3 Tips for Adding Some Glam to a Collared Shirt

  1. Chloe March 16, 2017 / 6:49 PM

    Love the earrings idea!! I’m gonna try that next time.


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