50 Shades of Blue



Is it bad that I made that reference? I’ll just end that conversation right there. Anyways, I’m back to an outfit post today.


I wore this look to mass the other day. I actually had never thought about pairing the skirt and sweater together until they were hanging in my laundry room, drying right next to each other, and I realized how cute they would be. What do you guys think? Lots of blue!


Um, I’m not sure what happened in this photo. Where’d my arm go?!


If print mixing is scary for you, this is a great outfit to try. Since there’s a unified color, it makes it a lot easier to do pattern play right. Also, since both patterns are stripes, that also helps. It’s a huge style tip that I had never thought of before: pair the same pattern together, just in various sizes! *Mind blown*


I just realized that I already have a post with this exact skirt that is titled “Shades of Blue” so clearly I had the same thought last time and just decided not to make the reference… Haha, I hope you all have a great weekend!


Miles of smiles,



Sweater: Gap, $16, last seen here, similar here // Skirt: Dress Barn, $30, last seen here, buy here // Boots: DSW, $42, last seen here, similar here

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