The 5 Best Shoes to Make Your Closet Stretch



Hey guys! Hope you had a great weekend. Today I’m sharing what I think are the top five shoes for making the most out of your closet. In other words, the shoes that are the most versatile and would yield the greatest number of outfits. Let’s get started!


Plain Sandals: I got these sandals last fall and I love them! A great pair of neutral sandals will take you far in the summer, as well as the spring and fall months. These ones are great because they aren’t super trendy so they’ll last for seasons, but they’re also not too boring due to the pretty sparkly details. They also incorporate black and brown so they will definitely go with all of your outfits; you don’t have to worry if you’re timid about mixing the two colors. I chose brown for my sandals because I wear warmer tones in the summer and less black. See me wearing these here, here, and here.

My Sandals: DSW, $19 // Similar: here, here, here


Nude Flats: I’ve always read on fashion blogs that nude shoes go with anything. I never really believed it, but I’ve got to say, I’m a believer now! I’ve had these shoes for a few years and love them, but they’ve only made it onto the blog once so far, seen here. The sparkles add a fun touch, but the classic nude color goes with so much and will never go out of style. Plus, flats are so versatile and could be worn in any season. If you’re more of a heels gal, then nude heels work as well. It’s more about the color than the type of shoe, I just prefer flats. (Although nude heels would really elongate your legs!)

My Flats: Nordstrom Rack, $40 // Nude Shoes: here, here, here


Tall Boots: Tall boots in a neutral color will help you get through the winter months in style. They also work in spring and even the fall. Tall boots go great with skinny pants, skirts, and dresses, and they can really elevate an outfit. Plus, you can’t forget about adorable knee high socks and boots combos, as seen here. I chose black for my boots because I wear a lot of black and grey in the winter, but brown or grey would work great as well. See me styling these boots here, here, and here, and check out some similar boots below.

My Boots: Nordstrom Rack, $40 // Similar: here, here, here


Booties: I got my first pair of booties a few years ago (these exact ones actually) and I don’t know what I wore before then! I wear these shoes so often—they’re actually my most-worn shoes on the blog and my second most-worn overall, excluding my grey sneakers that I’ve had for years. Booties are so versatile because they can be worn with anything in any season: shorts with a flowy top for a festival/concert look, a patterned dress in the fall for a boho look, pants and skirts for the winter and spring. I could keep this list going for days. These boots are especially great because they’re a classic silhouette and aren’t trendy at all. They also can be worn in any type of weather because of the material. Such a great buy! I chose brown because I had tall black boots; that way I have some sort of boots in both black and brown. But like with the tall boots, any neutral color would work. See me styling them here, here, and here.

My Boots: DSW, $35 // Similar: here, here, here


Statement Shoes: This is a broad category. Statement shoes include anything from sparkly heels for a night out to brightly colored flats, like mine. I think every fashionista deserves those killer shoes that make her feel like a million bucks, even if they don’t get the most wear. I actually wear these red shoes a lot outside of the blog; they’re the perfect way to finish off a black and white outfit with a little color, and they’re so festive for the holidays. Seen them worn here. Sometimes you just need a fun shoe to add some spice to an otherwise lacking outfit!

My Flats: DSW, $40 // Statement Shoes: here, here, here



Some other tips for picking versatile shoes: Like I said above, avoid super trendy items to ensure that your shoes will last the test of time. Right now, trendy designs would include lace up, fringe, and peep-toes. Another tip is to consider the materials. Most of the shoes above are made of patent leather (or faux leather, more likely), so they can get wet and therefore worn more times in different weather. This is important to consider if you live in a climate with lots of rain or snow.

I hope this post was helpful! What kind of shoes are a must-have for you? Of course, there are other important shoes, like black pumps, and these are only my fashionable shoes (excluding running shoes, beach flip flops, etc.). It also totally depends on your lifestyle. So let me know what kinds of shoes help you stretch your closet! Thanks for stopping by today.


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