Valentine’s Day Outfit



Woo-hoo, it’s Friday! And not just any Friday, the Friday of a long weekend (at least for me). I’m pretty pumped.


This is the look I wore for Valentine’s Day on Tuesday. There’s actually a kind of funny story around it…So I thought I was being pretty creative to wear such a light shade of pink with black. I got to school and saw a set of three girls getting their picture taken—all with blush pink tops and black pants. I said to my friends, “Hey, I totally fit in with that group—I should go photo bomb.” So I started sprinting across the hallway, missed the photo by a few seconds, and then started to make a joke to the group about the whole thing only to realize that none of them heard me talking or even witnessed what I tried to do. So with the tattered remnants of my dignity, I walked sheepishly back to my friend group, hoping that nobody had seen the ordeal. Then all of a sudden I heard someone yelling from the other end of the hall, “Grace, I’ll take your picture for you!” So alas, the ordeal had not gone unnoticed.


Anyways, I was really happy with this outfit. I thought the two pieces went surprisingly well together! A great tip is to juxtapose styles: the top is kind of edgy with the lace-up detail, but the crochet midi skirt is as girly as can be. Makes for the perfect combo!


Have a fantastic weekend!


Miles of smiles,



Blouse: JCPenney, $20, last seen here, similar here // Skirt: Francesca’s, $10 on clearance, buy similar here // Shoes: Nordstrom Rack, $40, last seen here, similar here // Bracelet: Pandora



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