So Long, 2016



Happy Friday! I wish I had some sparkly New Year’s Eve outfit to share with you all today, but quite honestly, I don’t have any plans for the holiday except to stay home and enjoy time with my family. Which means I don’t have any plans to wear anything but sweatpants and an old tee. 🙂


But I do have this *somewhat* sparkly outfit to share today. I couldn’t find these pics for a long time but stumbled upon them yesterday (on a different SD card). They’re from many weeks ago, but I remember it being quite chilly because the wind was blowing like crazy. I took these pics after school (something I don’t usually do) because my hair was so cute this day and somehow naturally curled itself. Unfortunately, you can’t tell in any of these pictures because of the wind. 🙁


I call this candid shot my Justin Bieber look. Enough said?


This slide was clearly the most exhilarating thing I’d done in a long while. I mean, look at that face…


I wore this outfit to school, but it’d be great for running errands or going to a movie as well. I’ve been dressing pretty casually lately and reaching for sweaters and sneakers just to say warm. I’m not sure what’s happening with that piece of skin…I hope you’re wearing sunglasses ‘cause my white belly will blind you.


Here’s an artsy picture of me jumping off the swing. I felt pretty cool and daring, but in reality it was hardly even a jump and, like, a foot off the ground maybe.

Pic 1

Now to more “serious” stuff…I started Graceful Rags this year on July 5th. This picture is from my very first outfit post and makes me think of a few things: 1) I long for summer and to go back to Iowa, where this photo was taken. 2) I’ve learned a lot about blogging and am super proud of myself for chasing after this dream. 3) There is still so much to learn and explore! I’ve loved blogging the second half of this year, but there is still so much to improve. I look forward to working towards those improvements this coming year. Thanks for following along, and here’s to a stylish 2017! See you next year!


Miles of smiles,



Sweater: hand-me-down, from H&M, similar here // Jean Jacket: JCPenney, $19, similar here, last seen here // Pants: JCPenney, $25, last seen here // Shoes: unknown, $60, similar here, last seen here // Aviators: Icing, $16, similar here, last seen here


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  1. I love looking at your posts!! You always have the cutest clothes!! I wish I was as stylish as you! Btw I love the black and white pic so cool!!

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