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Happy Wednesday! Ok guys, I’ve been totally slacking with the blog lately. I’m pretty sure every post for the last two weeks has gone up late…But I have no excuses, I’m just pointing it out. Now onto the outfit!


This is the first time I tried taking photos by myself with a tripod. For any bloggers out there who do this on a regular basis, I give you major props! It’s not easy. I think for the most part though, these photos turned out a lot better than I expected. And considering that there’s a foot of snow on the ground outside, there was no way I was going to take these photos outside…


I wore this outfit a while ago (when there wasn’t a bunch of snow on the ground and the temperature was above freezing) for my birthday. Of course my birthday ended up being the busiest day ever, with tests at school, an interview, and a banquet, so I only ended up wearing this to school (no nice birthday dinner). Oh, did I mention I was also sick? Yah, it was real fun…


I LOVE this shirt though. It was only $30 at H&M, and I got it for Christmas last year. I couldn’t believe it came from there or that it was only $30. It looks so much more expensive and it’s super old fashioned. I especially love the buttons on the back.


(By the way, I don’t actually play piano. I used to when I was really little, and I wish I still played. I know two and half songs: “Heart and Soul” (both parts), “Ode to Joy”, and part of “Someone Like You” by Adele.)


I thought I would share with you the story behind these ornaments (since they were in the background). Each year, a child “ambassador” with cancer is chosen to design a hand-blown glass ornament and votive for the Friends for Life Guild. Money raised through the sales of these ornaments and votives is donated to the Seattle Children’s Hospital for research to end childhood cancer. You can read about them here or shop their beautiful ornaments and votives here. I’m holding the 2016 ornament, designed by Signe! Just thought I would share this awesome cause.

This is a long post. I guess I was in the mood for writing. Anyway, thanks for stopping by!


Miles of smiles,


Blouse: H&M, $30, similar here and here // Pants: H&M, $30 // Belt: Charming Charlie, $10, last seen here, similar here // Purse: hand-me-down, similar here // Shoes: Nordstrom Rack, $40, similar here


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